Sunday, 18 May 2008

Today's Outfit - 05/18

A very simple and casual outfit in the weekend’s spirit, that was very sunny.

This is the end of the season. DVDs with all the outfits are available.
Please be attentive for the next season of The Seeker with new outdoors pictures.

We are trying to have a team to go to Everest and Andes Mountains at Venezuela to take the pictures.
But it is being difficult since Chinese government don’t give us the Visa, because they’re afraid that we make Tibet independent. But we also have problems with the Venezuela government, as they are afraid that we take all the oil and sale it in the black market to China or India.
But yet we are trying… our intentions are peaceful. Just take some outfits shots, I mean photographs.

But despite all this I can guaranty that tomorrow we are back with the new season outfit photos.

black to gray shoes - local store
green pants - local store
2 in 1 pink shirt - Promod
brown cardigan - Mango
black belt - from a skirt
pink necklace - don't remember


  1. I like this outfit a lot -- its colours remind me so much of nature! :)

  2. I love the pink and green together. :D

  3. Oh the color of your necklace is really amazing. You look beautiful als always.

  4. I love your outfit, what's more is that I totally love your sense of humour in both fashion and writting. The colour of this outfit is matched beautifully & your pink pearl necklace spice things up a lot :)

  5. imelda knows people, who know people and they should be able to assist you liberate Tibet...I mean get a visa into China!!

    Will the DVD's be available at my local library or will I need to pre-order on amazon?

  6. Every time when I'm thinking, I know exactly what you'll wear, you bring a new idea of styling. The pastel shades of your blouse (or top) are great!

  7. Pink and green looks great! Good luck on getting the visa!

  8. Love the pink and green together, nice choice!

  9. You've releaved yourself your face is not blurred! That's great!
    I love this outfit you are always so colorful and those sunglasses suit you well.
    That's amazing about the mountain climbing will you be going too? I can barely walk up a hill let alone a mountain hahah

  10. I know I am just repeating previous sentiments, but, I really do like the pink and green together.
    And, I can see why the governments are afraid. The power of the Seeker's style can be intimidating. But, once they understand your true intentions I am sure you will be modeling on Everest before you know it.;-)

  11. The pink and green are lovely together. Makes me want to go sniff some flowers!

  12. The pink hue is beautiful, I agree that it works well with the green.

  13. Cool, dvd's! when, where? :)


  14. Prático e descontraído, mas com muito glamour!


  15. Color combination is nice here. The pink and green compliment each other. The shades are cool too!!

  16. I AM LOVING THIS, favourite outfit of the week (even thought he week hasnt finished yet). i really like the pants and the shoes.



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