Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Today's Outfit - 05/21

I love the combo of black, white and yellow. No colour, all the colours, and a colour.

I put the bangles, but I couldn’t work with them, they were always making noise, so it was just to hang around.

Like Indiana Jones the saga continues…
I think next episode will be “Against the darkness the Rainbow Warrior strikes again”.
At a computer nears you!!!

black shoes - local store
black pants - local store
blazer - Promod
black shirt with printed sheer top - Bershka
yellow tank - H&M
pearl necklace - mainland store
bangles - mainland store


  1. Muito interessante este look - eu estou fã das cinturas altas!

    Beijinhos, de bom feriado!

    (Infelizmente, amanhã, para mim, será dia de trabalho...)

  2. I love that combo too! It's a winning horse for all occasions :)

    And I know what you mean with the bangles... I even can't stand the watch!

  3. you changed your blog color, dusty pink, I like it.
    You really know how to work a high waisted pant, congrats!

  4. This is really great. I love the high-waisted look on you, and the blouse is a show-stopper!

  5. The picture on the steps is great. I love the pearls! Yellow, black and white is definetly a fabulous combo.

  6. It's the first time I see you in high waisted pants and you look awesome wearing them!

  7. haha, I luv your sense of humor! Like you, I also like black white and yellow together.


  8. hi stylish friend

    i just discovered your blog and he looks great

    I just wanted to tell you that I met Sarah Jessica parker / Sex and the city Monday in Paris and did great shots that you’ll certainly like

    I also got great shots during the sunny days in Paris

    Have a look and enjoy !
    and may be one day i 'll be in your fav blogs ! lol


    Street style romancer in Paris

  9. what a lovely shirt! wonderful and the combination! I love it!

  10. done !
    sorry for the late

    as you can see it on my blog, i am very busy with trying to do a great job

    i hope you are fine

    i've been proposed to create a press magazine
    i will keep you informed


    street style romancer in Paris

  11. That stair pose is for me...I know it!! xxxx

  12. the print on that blouse is beautiful


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