Thursday, 22 May 2008

Today's Outfit - 05/22

Enjoying the Holy holiday with an espresso coffee after lunch at an outdoors coffee shop, with a very casual look.

My hair has a very strong personality… today it’s one of it day.

green shoes - mainland store
brown fishnets - Calzedonia
beige cropped pants - H&M
purple belt - local store
yellow cardigan - Mango
green shirt - Vero Moda
necklace - Stradivarius
bangle - mainland store
handbag - local store
sunglasses - mainland store


  1. LOVE your color combination! And the green shoes are fantastic.

  2. I LOVE the yellow and the green. And, that necklace!!! It is fantastic.
    Sorry, Seeker, but I think your hair looks really cute. :-) xo

  3. Love this outfit! I want a pants like that aswell, but they never look as good on me as they do on you! Lucky you!
    And I think your hair looks great!

  4. The use of green here is fantastic. I love the yellow cardi. You look so nice! Thank you for making the effort to share with us.

  5. Um look casual muito fixe. Obrigada pelas fotos de exterior.
    E que inveja do sol... em Lisboa esteve a chover :(

  6. yeah, you are wearing "my" pants ;) i love the combination! first i didn't know how to combine it, but you really inspire me, and i think i will try a little colour with it, too!

  7. Beautiful pictures. Those pants look fantastic on you!

  8. A nossa cidade é linda mesmo!

    E que saudades que me deram essas fotos...


  9. You have great shape and wear those pants well. I agree with La belette rouge that your hair is cute as well :)

    x Grayburn

  10. who that is hot, im loving the green and yellow combo...

    u wear it so fabulously

    im in love with that second picture, fantastic

    u never cease to impress me everytime i come here

  11. I love your shoes and that you've taken it outdoors's nice to see your surroundings.

  12. lovely cropped pants, i like the color of it, too. =]

  13. Such a nice outfit! I love the way you use colors. Those shoes are so cute.

  14. Oh, the necklace is wonderful!

  15. Oh my god! the place seems so beautiful...and it seems it was a nice afternoon. Perfect to hang around. I love your coler combination, you look so fresh

  16. I would love to run into cool people like you when I am having my chai tee latte. Seeing these colors would make my day!


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