Wednesday, 28 May 2008

touched by an “angel”...

The lovely and talented Angel from Chic Stories provided The Seeker prime time and precious blog-space in her post about Yellow Chic and Dreams.

Thank you very much my friend for your kind words and the marvellous mention, I'm feeling very privileged.

So I suggest you that you go see this post and all the great ones Chic Stories presents.


  1. So nice! I do love that yellow and green outfit on you. I am still envying that necklace. It is such a great piece.

  2. Hi!

    hey your change your outfit´s photos! GReat!
    Who´s taking your photos!?
    I love you last outfit and your puple pumps!!!


  3. How nice of your friend to honor you!

  4. After all you are the Queen on Colour!

  5. Thank you so much for you warm words about my post! I REALLY like your style and blog!!! Hope we will be real fashion friends!!!!

  6. How great! Really wonderful to see :)

    luv, Grayburn

  7. i saw you there,it was really awsome!
    a kiss!

  8. the post was fabulous and you fitted right in, im gonna have to start posting you on my blog too


  9. becoz you definatley qualify as fresh and fabulous

  10. Hey, it is totally brilliant! How cool is that!

  11. OMG!!!! o.O
    You are soo ugly!

  12. How cool! That yellow look was stunning!

  13. @ Anonymous: I accept all the critics. They are important for my evolution. We can’t walk the path with our eyes and ears closed.
    But I’ll appreciate that the comments will be objective, so I can use them to improve myself.
    Saying that I’m ugly is something related to your aesthetic sense, and it’s one of those subjective things.
    If you’re talking about my face as I’m not planning to do a surgery, I’ll stay the same.
    Thank you.


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