Sunday, 18 May 2008

Yesterday night’s outfit – 05/17

Yesterday I had a very busy day, and the night was filled with an evening diner with friends and co-workers.
I wore my formal black suit with a clashing yellow blouse paired with red shoes and a combining varnish handbag.
I had a very pleasant night with lots of laughs, because no play makes people awfully boring!

(When I got home I wasn’t in the mood to take pictures, you know…. ;) )
I made a make-up with my new products I bought at Douglas, and I had some compliments.

red shoes - local store
black suit - Ana Sousa
yellow blouse - Shop 1One
black belt - Mango
onix necklace - gift from hubby
red handbag - Bata


  1. Muito chique, sim senhora!
    Espero que o teu fim-de-semana tenha sido bom e tenho dado para descansares.

    Beijinhos e bom começo de mais uma semaninha!;-)

  2. seems like you had a great time.
    I love all the make-up you bought at douglas!

  3. I love yellow and red with black. This is very nice.

  4. oh yes, YES YES YES

    i love it, i love that yellow,

    i would never have though yellow would go so well with red, but it really does. you do wonders with couloures

  5. the bag really hits the jackpot, mixes beautifully itht he shoe

  6. That's a very chic outfit for dinner! I love the pop with the yellow shirt. I've been looking for the perfect yellow top everywhere!

  7. that's great to hear (about the makeup!). You have this amazing courage and way of putting colors together. Very cool!

    x Grayburn

  8. I contacted the sellers for my dress, but they had it 2 sizes too big so hearing from all my friends they say you should always order big so i did, and within 3 days the dress was at my front door!


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