Tuesday, 17 June 2008

quick note…

I want to apologize my dear readers and my friends bloggers for my sort of non-appearance, but I’ve been very busy and with such a lack of time.

I’m making an effort to visit you all, and I’m doing it before long as I can.

Thank you dears and keep in touch.


  1. Your daily look is missed!!

  2. I do miss you, but will wait patiently until you are free to show yourself again!

  3. Oh dear! Thanks for visiting ChicStories. I perfectly understand you, sometimes I even don't have enough time to eat and sleep (((

    have a nice day!!!

  4. :( I miss you this <------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------>much.xxx

  5. i understand you... sometimes it is really difficult to find the time to write something putting your total devotion into it.

    Hope you'll be back soon with your cool outfits :)

    a big hug

  6. Dear, take your time. We all have busy times. I totally understand. Till you next visit, take care! See you soooooon xx

  7. oh, now worries. been busy, too. just take it easy. hugs. =]

  8. Passei aqui para te deixar um beijinho!

    (P.S. Os teus looks fazem falta...)

  9. I miss you, too! I hope you'll be back soon!

  10. You do what you need to do but I'll still miss seeing your wonderful outfits all the time! Take care luv :):)

  11. Totally understand, this is summer so people schedules are really busy. I know I can't post as often as I like during the summer months. Got too much to do.

  12. hey dear!

    thanks for being around, even with the lack of time :)
    you are fantastic,

    a kiss!

  13. I'm also like this, i have like cero time


    pd : Yes i'm going to nyc this saturday, i'm staying there for a week :)

  14. I missed your looks! But don't worry, we'll be waiting for you to be back! :D

  15. We miss you very much my dear, I can really sympathise with you for obvious reasons. Hold on dear and don't give up, and I hope you'll be with us soon!

    Lots of love,


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