Thursday, 26 June 2008

the sea and me...

The lovely and talented autumn added this picture to a post.
I felt so much into it that I had to post it here.
Question to myself: Is this the islander side of me taking place?


  1. Perhaps this is why we are all so drawn to the beach; we can all relate... Btw, laughed my buns off at your comment today - thanks doll!

  2. this is so me too!

    xo Grayburn

  3. cool. didn't know that u will post this soon.

    perhaps you like being alone, too, don't you? sometimes i enjoy being alone especially if i'm having mocha frappe. lol.

  4. Lovely lines. I guess it is your islander spirit... I'd like to go to the sea really soon.

  5. I think water both holds and reflects our emotions. We are 90% water, our earth is 2/3rds water. When we live near water we can dream our souls.


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