Wednesday, 4 June 2008

a shoes talk...

I’ve these animal printed shoes since almost two years. I bought them at Bershka, when we had the first animal prints showed at this “side”. Yet I never wore them.
Why? Well because any time I tried to use them I just couldn’t walk, since they have a bit higher heels than I’m used too.
I think it’s a pity they live their life in a box.
What if I would ask a suggestion of the despotic Queen of Shoes? I bet I would get a good one!!!!


  1. Are those blue leopard? Pretty.
    Okay, I say, if they are not going to get time on your feet perhaps create a display section in your dressing room where you can merchandise some of your favorite shoes. These shoes need to be seen, if only by you.
    Or, you could practice walking in them.;-)

  2. Practice, practice, practice! These deserve to see the light.

  3. They're beautiful. Maybe you could wear them on a night out which didn't require much walking.

  4. It is a real problem, hope you will find the best way out.

  5. Ouch, they look painful! But the color and shape is great!


  6. I'd spank you for keeping these gems tucked away and then I'd slip a sleeping pill into your wine. When you'd passed out, I'd stuff them into my purse and disappear into to the cold dark need for evil laughter!

  7. Awesome stuff!! I love to wear animal printed shoes. I have 2 pairs of cheetah skin stuff shoes, those looks hot and sexy.

  8. i have that kind of printed but sandals before. i used it on my graduation day.

    i'm kinda like that. i would buy shoes and sandals that i really love then just to find out i couldn't wear it because it's painful to wear. argh. lol.

  9. Sometimes I do buy things but take my time to use them... I guess I wait for the muse to inspire me.

    They are really beautiful, actually in my wish list appear a pair of animal printed shoes.

  10. Ó fofa, leva ao sapateiro e pede para te cortar 1 cm no salto! Fica o problem resolvido. E não digas que vais daqui!

  11. darling these are bang on trend on the animal print trend. I love their colour and shape,i like that they are not the usual animal print colours which makes them even more fun.
    Darling why not wear them, what i do with new or high shoes is wear at home and around the home to practice in till i get used to walking in them :)
    You should wear them with your wonderful colourful outfits.
    big kiss


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