Thursday, 5 June 2008

a though about blogging…

"The diary is an art form just as much as the novel or the play. The diary simply requires a greater canvas."
~ Henry Miller

If someone asks you “What is a personal blog?” you probably would think what a stupid question. It’s quite easy to understand, right? It’s a blog that’s personal.
But does that tell us anything?
As an alternative of making an effort to cover all the potential combinations, it’s unfussy just to say, “A personal blog is an online diary,” and leave it at that.
But should we?
On ones personal blog, one can give out anything one wants, every time one wishes.
Many times what one does is to share ones experiences, points of views, shares information, tells jokes, shows photos and sometimes even uses as a forum for internal communication to keep in touch with family and friends.
There are several reasons for doing a personal blog, as an entertainment, a hobby, a way to pass the time, have fun, escape or simply let go that other person who nobody knows, this other side that is difficult to show, that part of the personal identity that could not be developed in life that has been chosen.
We are multifaceted and there are no restraints on which facet will be reflected in any given post. There is no limit to the number of facets the entire blog will reveal.
A personal blog is never completed and it goes forward over time, it’s just a part, not the entire person.
Personal blogging is simply the documentation of what one lives. Living is the important part.
I think we can say that a personal blog is some how a form of Art.
In many ways Art is about learning the rules and then breaking them in order to create something new; to make us experience the world in new ways, to stimulate our mind and our emotions, to comfort us or challenge us or inspire us.
Personal blogs, even the ones that appear on the surface to be mundane, do all those things for all the same reasons.


  1. You said it girl! I'm with you!


  2. One more thing. Your post today made me think of a recent article (5/25) by Emily Gould in the NY Times titled, "Exposed." She talked about her personal blog and the damages caused by her online oversharing. It is very easy to become too personal in these public spaces, and that may not always be a good thing.

  3. Really well said. I did have different rules for myself about my own blog in the beginning--and then I broke them and I am glad that I did.

    I love how you include so many aspects of yourself in your blog: art,clothing, spirituality, poetry,and the search for knowledge. I really appreciate blogs that include the multitude of interests of the blogger. xo

  4. great, great post! i love your definition of art. so true and so well said. i think you bring up a good point- that a blog is a form of art. very interesting, and something i have never thought of- but i totally agree!
    much love! xo

  5. Nice posting - I totally agree!

  6. It's true that a blot is only a small window into the blogger as a whole. And so many are so quick to judge the blogger, without considering that. Art is a wonderful way to explore oneself with. I'm not sure blogging is my way of creating art, but it sure is therapeutic and fun for me.I love that I also get to meet so many dear friends, such as yourself along the way! It's a win-win situation for me :)

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts,

  7. Can't agree more )))
    But dear you have forgotten about me (((

  8. Very interresting, indeed,
    Thank you
    Bien cordialement

  9. nice nice. i certainly agree. =]

  10. I've been keeping a diary since I was young. I always wanted somebody to find it someday and read about my life. Little did I know the internet would make that possible!

  11. When I started my blog, I didn't have a mission statement. I still don't have one. I like being random.


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