Monday, 2 June 2008

Today's Outfit - 06/02

I think a dress is a piece less flexible than others. It’s one piece… unless one would be creative and wears it with a top, as a skirt, or with a skirt, as a top.
Note to myself: Remember to do the experiment.

Today I hadn’t the opportunity to take more shots, but don’t be sad there will be always tomorrow…

green shoes - mainland store
fishnets - Calzedonia
printed dress - Acetato
yellow tank - H&M
gray short cardigan - Promod
bangle - mainland store
necklace - gift frm hubby
lipstick - L'Oreal

Detail of the handmade necklace with Swarovski Crystals my hubby gave me


  1. awesome dress! and the necklace <3

  2. The necklace is very sweet! You are such a darling for colour and look always chic and individual xx

  3. I love the closeup of the necklace it is lovely. The print on that dress is fantastic!

  4. You are on a color kick! I love the shape of this dress on you.

    I am SO VERY HAPPY you are showing your face. :D

    That's a great necklace.

  5. I always felt that a dress was the easiest way to dress up! Put on a dress & we get a whole outfit at once! Ahh I love your collection of shoes! Please post them up someday! They must be very colorful!!

  6. Lovely dress!
    I can't wait to see you wear it in different days!

    And about your question: I do think they ship to Portugal!

  7. Great dress and I love these hoes. May be I really can't get enough of yellow and green this summer?!

  8. Cute dress and that necklace is awesome! I really love how you have so many shoes in different colours!

  9. Gosto imenso do estampado do vestido!

    O colar já tinha visto - a sua conjugação com este look não podia ter resultado melhor.


  10. Fabulous dress! I love the print and colour.

  11. The dress is great - and your figure wonderful! The necklace is also such a great present!

  12. what a wonderful dress! great outfit.

  13. experiment is so amazing, great ideas come and you do that with time to reflect...

    a kiss!!
    love your style!

  14. i have tried that before. wearing a piece of dress and just putting a cardigan over it. but like as always, you look fabulous. =]

  15. I love the a pattern on the dress and your green shoes..woo hoo...I'm not sad because I know you'll be back on track!

  16. oooooooooh i love this, i love the grey shirt thing, fab

    love the dress

    necklace is fantastic

    my favourite look of the week so far, im really digging it.

  17. I feel the same about dresses, I much prefer top + skirt/trousers as they allow many combinations!

    That dress is so beautiful, though, as well as the necklace! Lucky you!!

  18. your necklace is so nice....

    very retro-ish....

    and your husband gave it to you..awww... now its not only nice, but special too....

    see you in a week and thanks for the wishes..

  19. Lovin' the dress!
    One day I'll figure out how to make a pendant like that, I just haven't found a good enough description yet, and of course the amount of Swarovskis it requires is pretty mindblowing. You're one lucky lady to have one. :-)


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