Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Today's Outfit - 06/03

If I had worn green, pink and yellow I could tell you a story.
Since I didn’t… well… like Humphrey Bogart said in Casablanca “We always have Paris”.

My hair with its strong personality misbehaved today.
And I’m a complete disaster in hairstyling. I wish I could go everyday to the hairdresser. I always leave with a great feeling.
But since to me the problems come on pairs I also broke a nail, but not in the usual way. It affected my finger, so… it’s a day to forget.

The only comfort I have it’s that I can count with my friends’ kind words. I hope...

white shoes - Bata
tawny pants - Ana Sousa
navy blue blazer - mainland store some years ago
green blouse - Shop 1One
white belt - mainland store
necklace - mainland store
handbag - local store
lipstick - Guerlain
perfume - Paris from YSL


  1. i love the green, white, red combo, very nice

    and il love ure jacket..

  2. Adoro o tom das calças - fazem-me lembrar uma saia que comprei recentemente.


  3. You are the best model with the best moves on all of the internet. NOBODY has moves like you!!!! I wish there was an award for best modeling poses on the internet for you would surely win it.;-)

  4. You are so fabulous!! I love your poses :D and amazing outfit as usual!

  5. Snap! Those colors are amazing. I would love to be working around you.

  6. Wow who knew that these colors could go so well (well you knew obviously :) ) but this looks great.
    I also don't think that you are having a bad hair day. you would know best but I think you look great!!!

  7. now i would have never thought of that color scheme..nice! i like the shoe & belt... and the necklace is beautiful...

  8. Your poses are so rad! I especially love the last one where you made the picture the other way instead of vertical! Awesome. Love those red pants. Very very nice :D

  9. Your blazer is so hot and stylish! Don't worry, everything will be fine )))

  10. I always have a thing for your shoes! I have to see your shoe closet one of these days!

    Hope things are well,

  11. hi hi from Paris

    do you know that you are funky !
    miam miam miam miam ! lol

    i noticed that you like stylish people.
    may be you'll like my street style photo romances in Paris
    if not, i kill myself ! lol

    and by the way, i met Sarah jessica Parker in Paris and... yes yes, the photos are online, as if you were there !

    have a wonderful day !

    ps : i hop i won't have to kill myself, because my mother love me. lol

    2 questions :
    -People say in my blog that parisian girls are the best dressed ever. what do you think ?
    -do you prefer to win clothe of week ends/weeks in Paris ?

    let's keep in touch !

    street style romancer in Paris


  12. Don't you dare tell people you broke your nail unloading boxes at my new factory...what will people think? LOL

  13. I hate bad hair days! But you look lovely again - even if your hair is against you. I hope your finger gets well soon.

  14. love the blazer and your freedom!!!
    you are gorgeous!!!

    a kiss!

  15. you look amazing! and i really like your haircut!

  16. What an inspiring outfit! I love how you match the various colour together and how you wear white shoes - super slick! Your necklace is sooooo pretty! It has lots of work and details on! Love it xx

  17. I feel just like you about the hair thing.

  18. That's a great color combination. You're always much braver than I am with color. :D

  19. Oh my! I love your geen blouse, it looks so good on you, really. The white details look good too. My hair is behaving badly as well..

  20. Only you could pull off such red pants!


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