Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Today's Outfit - 06/04

I’m very disappointed with my white pencil skirt, because it wrinkles a lot.
Since I’ve to be a great deal of time seated at the office, it doesn’t look well at the end of the day with so many wrinkles at the front.

Today I went to do a face skin test.

The questions were easy. It was a multiple answers test.
First questions: How is your skin? a) Well b) Well c) Well
And I thought Well, Well, Well… I must change subject.

Seriously, I must take care of my skin.
When I was in St. Michaels I went to a beauty store that have an adviser, and I bough some new products. Without pretending to take the place of the lovely and talented Grayburn, I’ll post about them as soon as possible.

blue shoes - Stradivarius
navy blue sheer tights - Calzedonia
white skirt - Zara
purple blouse - Shop 1One
gray short cardigan - Promod
tawny necklace - Parfois
lipstick - L'Oreal
perfume - Paris from YSL


  1. Adorei a saia - mas sou suspeita, isto porque sou fã de saias lápis - acho que nos favorecem imenso!


  2. That stinks that it wrinkles but a pencil skirt is such a necessary basic.

  3. Concordo com a amiga Mônica.
    Já te falei né querida, está cada vez mais arrasando nas poses, linda...

  4. Love, love, love the colors as always.

  5. The white skirt looks good here! It doesn't look wrinkled at all. I really like the shoes.

  6. Adorable combination of pink, red and blue. The white and grey makes the colours shine - perfect!

  7. You look great in your pencil skirt! It's a pity that the material isn't that good.

  8. Great and once again great! as usual :-)

  9. I have the very same problem with a blue skirt I adore, so I rarely wear it! :s Such a pity...

  10. I like the shape of the skirt anyhow even if it wrinkles! I think it is a great feminine shape because of the high waist and the tapered bottom. And again, oh those shoes...! love love.

    Oh gosh, I'm blushing because of your complement :) So sweet of you to say that! I really look forward to seeing what kinds of goodies you have bought and how the SA advised you.

    xo Grayburn

  11. If you need a portable steamer I have one going fell off the back of truck..shh, don't tell anyone.xx

  12. i am so in love for that skirt!
    you are gorgeous!

    a kiss!

  13. You look great and I really really really love the shoes!
    Too bad the skirt wrinkles, but it still looks really good on you!

  14. Such a nice outfit! Love the colour combination. The colours don't really match - but still somehow they do (if you know what I mean). Very nice!

  15. GET IT GIRL!!!!!!

    smoking,love the blue shoes and white skirt, they goes beautifully together

    ive notice you've been using the ysl perfune alot.

  16. Your shoes are fantastic! The whole outfit is great but those shoes are really taking the cake here.

  17. Ah, my pencil skirt wrinkles alot too & I dontknw why, I find it very hard to sit down when I am wearing a pencil skirt! Very uncomfortable =/ I love how you are so good wit colors!!

  18. I'm proud that you're taking care of your skin. Such a shame what happened with your shirt. I don't like when that happens but sometimes people is not paying attention.

    I love the purple blouse. you look really good.

  19. I LOVE this outfit... The colours!

  20. You look soooooo elegant! You look just PERFECT in that purple and blue! Seriously, everything is perfectly together!

  21. I know I say this a lot, but this is one of my favorite outfits from you. You just keep amazing me with your talent!! A crisp white skirt is always the way to go. well done.

  22. I like that skirt style! You look great!


  23. Urgh, tell me about it... I have one made of 100 % natural fabrics, and by the time I get off the bus in the morning (waaay before I actually arrive to my workplace) it's full of wrinkles where I sat on it. Brrr...

    On the other hand, your skirt looks great, but what I really love in this post is the photo of you on the top. Yep, the one where you're smiling. You're so sweet and gorgeous here!!!

    Keep smiling girl! :-D


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