Sunday, 8 June 2008

Today's Outfit - 06/08

We are so proud of our Football (Soccer) Team. We expect that they go far in the European Championship 2008.

We are Portuguese, we are Latin, we are small… but we have them in the right place, the men off course.

pink shoes - Aldo
white pants - C&A
pink shirt - Mango
gray vest - H&M
necklace - gift
sunglasses - mainland store


  1. hey !
    thank you so much for stoping in my little blog :)

    I'm so glad you liked it :)

    I love your post of "today outfits"


    Btw: the portuguese team have some of my fav players: deco(L), Christiano Ronaldo (L)(L)(L)

    hahaha :)

  2. E força Portugal!;-)

    Beijinhos, amiga, de boa semana!

  3. soooo great!
    love that vest and pink stuff!

    a kiss dear!!

  4. I really love the pink top and vest combo, and the pink shoes!

  5. love the combination of pink and grey. ^^

  6. I like that you matched your top to your shoes! Awesome! & pink & grey = fantastic combination! Brilliant vest too!!

    Btw, I've added you to my blogroll! You're so awesome! I hope you don't mind!

  7. Oh everybody seems to be infected by soccer :). I totally adore your shoes today - really really nice!

  8. that is a great combination. Love that fuchsia colour, so hot.

    hugs from Angel.

  9. The grey vest with the oink t-shirt looks fab! I think nothing can go wrong with the combination of grey and pink ;)

  10. Hello and have a good start into this new week! I often buy something from H&M or so and bring it back afterwards. It's because I've to try everything with accessories at home and if it doesn't work, I bring the item back.

    Congratulatins for your colourful and springlike outfit! It's a bit Carrie-Bradshaw-like, isn't it? The vest-white trousers-wedges-combination make me think about her!

  11. The pink top and shoes really give a great "pick-me-up" feel! You look stunning, my dear xxxxxxxxx

  12. my dear! those pink details look amazing! i think i have to get myself a pink shirt and some pink shoes!

  13. Switzerland vs. la Portugal!

  14. That orchid top looks fantastic on you. You, like Portugal, are kicking it in this outfit.
    p.s. those Hydrangeas behind you are gorgeous!!!

  15. i got my belt at a music festival (with full force), but you can also get it from ebay.

  16. I love the pink shoes and am so jealous of your poses!

  17. Ooh-la-la. I love this pink on you, and that vest is fabulous!

  18. You look amazing!!

    And I'm a supporter of Portugal aswell! I hope they win!!

  19. omg! lovely color and gray look really good..I'll try them

  20. Love the grey waistcoat with the bright pink, it looks awesome!


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