Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Today's Outfit - 06/18

Busy, busy, busy, but still have to dress… *laugh*, so some rush shots.

Besides black basalt and the blue of the sea the island also have the green of the fields…

red shoes - Zara
black fishnets - Calzedonia
white high waist pencil skirt - Zara
black shirt with some prints - C&A
red and white scarf - Bershka
red earrings - mainland store
sunglasses - mainland store
lipgloss - L'Oreal
perfume - Paris from YSL


  1. Linda a saia, fantásticos os sapatos... Gostei!

    As tuas fotos ao ar livre deixam-me sempre algo nostálgica.


  2. Great skirt! I like the b&w photo.

  3. i love that white skirt ! it's so fab

  4. I love the red shoes with the white skirt. Very clean.

  5. amazing! the red shoes are such a great detail! you are so good in getting every single outfit a special touch with some colours...

  6. Nossa! que lugar lindo, bela paisagem de fundo.
    Amiga, dei uma entrevista no blog Meninas da Chocolate, passa por lá pra conhecer um pouquinho mais de mim. Bjobjo
    ...adorei os sapatos, sou apaixonada por eles;)

  7. O I totally adore the skirt :)

  8. This skirt perfectly emphasizes your curves. Great!!! Love your bright red shoes.

    Hugs from Angel.

  9. You look so stylish, like those old movies! Very beautiful :)

  10. Now, why would you wanna work for me when you have all that beautiful scenery!!!

  11. You're back!!

    I love the top and those wedges. And, you are rocking that high waisted pencil skirt!

  12. The red shoes are a nice touch.

  13. Dear, you look very chic and sweet! The neckscarf and the shoes (how gorgeous are those red peeptoe mary jane!) highlight the outfit beautifully!

    You look amazing in that background! For colour, you SERIOUSLY KNOW how to play with it xxxxxxxxxx

    P.S. Thank you so much for your lovely comments even when you are so busy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  14. Wow!!!
    is that skirt from C&A?
    i love it!
    C&A really has some great pieces!

    a kiss!

  15. Glad you had the time to take photos! You look amazing, I really like the red shoes & the skirt! Awesome!

  16. My dear you look great! Love the red shoes!

    The black and white picture is so beautifull, looks really retro!

  17. Oh, what a lovely place to live in, so close to nature!

    Nice combination again: a classical look!

    Oh but I have a question! (There's a first to everything... :-)) I see that you're wearing those special kind of high-heels (I wonder what they're called in English..): what is it like to walk in them? Is is more difficult? Is there even any difference? Just curious. :-)

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you so that you can relax soon. *hug*


  18. Oh, the skirt is really cute. And I love the colour combo. :)

  19. I like that high waisted white tab skirt. I need that in my closet!! And gimme that puff sleeve shirt too! LOL

  20. you got a great blouse. and it didn't look like "rush shots". *giggles*


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