Friday, 20 June 2008

Today's Outfit - 06/20

On the way home, back from the office a scenery with an icon of the island Monte Brasil , Brazilian Hill, which I think has a very sensual shape. *laugh*

pink shoes - Aldo
fishnets - Calzedonia
red skirt with big flowers - gift from boyfriend now Hubby
pink belt - Fantastico
soft green shirt - mainland store
red necklace - mainland store
sunglasses - mainland store
lipgloss - L'Oreal
perfume - Paris from YSL


  1. very cute skirt, you look like you're ready to sip a mimosa on a beach

  2. i'm adoring the skirt. i used to have something like that not too long ago. but when i gave birth, i could no longer wear it. boohoo. lol.

  3. So sweet of you to lend me a few supportive words. Thanks so much for that.

    It was a shame about the football match. I'm sad not to see Rinaldo there anymore because he's so cute and talented. Everything over here is orange at the moment. We have a bakery in our neighborhood with orange cakes, breads and donuts! It's getting crazy and nervous!

    enjoy your weekend luv,

  4. Great skirt! Very pretty and summery look absolutely lovely as usual dear :)

    Btw, would you mind if I used one of your photos for a post?

  5. The skirt matches your figure in a perfect way. You look so great and feminine!

  6. I love this skirt on you!

  7. LOL...those mountains are very suggestive...I love it! You live in paradise, have an amazing sense of colour and the best modeling is not just..:) xxx

  8. Dear, I think it is really creative to combine lemon and red together! They look so good and chic! You always look great!

    P.S. I've tagged you and hope you like it xxxxxxxxx

  9. Yep, I love the skirt too. It's flattering.
    Brazilian Hill is almost as eye-catching.

  10. colors and flours and life look more beautiful...

    cheers from Paris


  11. I know I have said this about a million times already. But you are just so good in colors! I like how you inject pink in your belt & shoes & the colors are just amazing <3

  12. love the belt and mixture of colors~

  13. Hey beautiful lady!! I'm back!! jeje... let me tell you that you look better when you smile!!, how have you been?...i'm sick, tired and preparing summer camp for kids!! so you can imagine how busy are my days! jeje...

    But i'll be here more often!!...

    Miss you!!

    Big hug and lots of kisses!!

  14. thanks, you're too sweet!
    stand by me is released on dvd, but it's a very very old movie, i think from 1988 or 1989... i just saw it when i was a young kid and discovered it again last year.

  15. the skirt is the combination with the belt

  16. Love the skirt! So fresh and these prints are gorgeous.

    Hugs from Angel.

  17. I think this is my fave outfit of yours so far. The colors are perfect!
    Also, that hill is a little inappropriate!

  18. i really like your style! Its so classy and chic...but with a very trendy twist. Suits you look adorable ^_^

  19. The belt looks great with the beautiful skirt!

  20. Olá amiga, espero que esteja tudo bem!

    Gostei muito destas fotos - da roupa e, claro, da paisagem.

    Já sei do começo das festas, e presumo que a noite de hoje se revelará longa e bem divertida! Aproveita!

    Quanto à questão que deixaste no mini-saia, pelo que li, já houve uma leitora que te respondeu. O que te ia aconselhar passa também pela aplicação de produtos que, tendo a mesma função que os auto-bronzeadores, são muito fáceis de aplicar e vão produzindo resultados graduais.

    Beijinhos e boas festas!;-)

  21. I love the skirt, the pattern is great!

  22. this is georgeous. ive never seen u in a skirt like this b4, working it


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