Saturday, 7 June 2008

Yoday's Outfit - 06/07

Mixing two great trends, blazers plus maxi dresses.

(images from Who What Wear)

Blazers just make your look perfect and they are great for breezy summer afternoon/night if you pick a thin one and maxi dresses are everywhere.

I like this dress a lot. It’s very comfy and the patchwork of floral prints makes me think of Dries van Noten.
Note to myself: I must really like his collection, I talk about it many times.

white shoes - Bata
floral print maxi dress - Stradivarius
blazer - Promod
mother of pearl necklace - gift from hubby
handbag - local store
sunglasses - mainland store


  1. Oh you look awesome in that maxi dress! Great my dear!

  2. You look fantastic! You pull off the maxi dress so well! The white blazer is perfect with that print. (Can't forget to mention how great that necklace is!)

  3. Oh look amazing! Fantastic interpretation of a great trend. Wonderful shots.

    Have a great weekend!


  4. Ahh the mix of patterns on the maxi dress is SO lovely! You wear it so well! Blazer + maxi dress is a really good combination! You are really inspiring! Sadly, most maxi dresses are too long for me! :(

  5. Love the mix you have going on here! Great pics! ;)

  6. yh girl

    love th e will forever remain FIRCEEE

  7. oh cool. you look very, very classy. that maxi dress is very lovely. ^^

  8. That dress was a brilliant find, and I can tell it makes you happy. :)

  9. Beautiful dress! wow!
    And I love your necklace!

  10. love blazers

  11. I love the dress, you spread SUMMER SUMMER SUMMER. love it!

  12. Awww, great summer dress!
    Wow the weekend is almost over, what were you up to?

    We had great weather here again this weekend which was such a blessing. I even managed to fix up my garden!


  13. Gostei muito! Do vestido! Da paisagem que está atrás!

    Fiquei com saudades...;-)

    (E o colar pareceu-me que tem uns toques africanos...)

  14. You look adorable in this maxi dress. Such a blazer is my dream.

  15. Blazer + Dress = Trendy;
    Blazer + Maxi Floral Dress = Amazing + Individual!

    Your look totally ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. You need to spin like a Whirling Dervish in that heaven maxi!

  17. so glamorous! I don't know if I'd ever be able to pull of a maxi gown, but you do it so well--- I love your sitting pose were we can see the white shoes!

    also, regarding what you wrote on my blog about living on a small island making it difficult to find certain items... I'm just curious, what island do you live on? :) I guess for that reason, buying things online are possibly another plus! xo

  18. oh my... you look gorgeous on that maxidress. it is lovely :)

  19. Wow, wow and triple wow! I just saw this dress on you and it looks gorgeous! It's such an exciting piece because of all those patterns and colors.

    I love maxi dresses: I have a green/grey one that I bought at the annual autumn fair many years ago. I'm 155 cms tall and the dress almost touches the ground when I wear it, and it just feels so fab. :-D

  20. I love this maxi dress, the mix of print is great and you look terrific in it!

  21. Wow!! You are looking fantastic in this maxi dress...


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