Friday, 25 July 2008

a day at the capital and something more…

After all yesterday I didn’t go to watch SATC. It doesn’t matter; there will be more days to go to the capital.
We went directly to Colombo Shopping Centre for the first shopping expedition.

OMG stores with Sales were over crowd. I couldn’t stand that, there was a time I had to stop, because I started to feel that I was having a panic attack.

But sales are over, the clothes that still are being sold haven’t interest, at least for me, or maybe I haven’t the skills to jump into those piles and search.
However I manage to buy three pieces, a black cardigan (always in style), a black lace shirt (hope can be in style for fall) and a black leather (?) jacket (not in my style, but loved the style).
Pictures will be posted a.s.a.p.

Don’t know why but it seemed that I was attracted to the parts where the few pieces of the new collection hit the stores.
Black, gray, purple in many shades, mustard and some orange are the most seen colours, and yes I bought something, but you must see the episode with the pictures of The Seeker’s new Fall Collection.

brown gladiators - Zara
beige cropped pants - H&M
striped red top - Venca
red linen coat - local store (many years ago)
wood bangle - gift from goddaughter
brown belt - C&A
white handbag - Bata
sunglasses - mainland store
earring - gift

Today the sky was cloudy, so we went for a drive to a city near by, Caldas da Rainha.

I took these pictures near the lake in the city park.

yellow shoes - mainland store
printed dress - Acetato
black t-shirt - local store
pearls necklace - mainland store
white bag - Bata

Now I'm leaving you to go to the "night" (with my new black jacket)

red shoes - Zara
black jeans - Levi's gift from sister
black T-shirt - local store
black jacket - Stradivarius
red scarf - gift
long earring - gift

To anonymous lily thank you for your comment, I always appreciate comments, but please... don't reduce me to one dimension


  1. You look gorgeous. Oh, I m so envious at all the places you get to visit on your holiday. Sigh...

  2. Oh, how lovely! I love the stripey shirt with the cardi in the first set of photos; nice and casual.

    The dress in the second set really suits you.

    I love that black jacket with the red scarf, in the third set.

  3. looks like a really nice shopping trip :)... love today's dress

  4. Brilliant ))) All your outfits are fantastic )))

  5. You look great in all 3 outfits!
    I have the same problem. During sales I do buy some pieces that are on sale, but I also get attracted to the new collection :)
    Enjoy yourself!

  6. See Fabulousness at its best, as Mrs Seeker takes you through 3 hot looks

  7. can't tell you how many panic attacks i've almost had shopping 34th street!! so busy, which is why i can't do those big bins full of sales items - too exhausting!
    you look great, i'm so glad you got a fun black jacket!

  8. you really look fantastic on those 3 outfits. can't wait to see the 3 black things you bought. i love black. =]

  9. Beautiful shots! I love the chic outfits.

  10. 3 outfit changes in one day...that's what i call commitment!

  11. I also dislike overpopulated stores...girls can get sooooo crazy.
    Although you said that the leather jacket is not your style I'm sure you'll manage to adapt it to you (as you did in the pic)

    Your outfits are so good.

    Good luck. Keep enjoying yorself ;)

  12. I LOVE how you always add in colors to your outfit!!!

  13. i love the dress, and the yellow shoes look great with it. Its good you didn't do the whole matchy matchy theme and wear black shoes. You don't have to match to look good and you showed that ^_^

  14. Beautiful looks! my favourite is the first one! Really great look!

  15. I Love ALL of your shoes!

    i got a pair of new shoes that remind me of yours :)
    they are RED :)

  16. you look AWESOME in your retro dress!!!

    10 kisses



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