Wednesday, 16 July 2008

feeling sad already...

I'm already feeling sad and unhappy. Why?
Because tomorrow sis and goddaughter will leave to their homeland, and I don't know when I would be with them again.
I know I must celebrate and remember the great and funny time we all had together, because we love each others.
But right now I'm feeling sad...


  1. Of course you would feel sad when you are faced with the prospect of your loved ones' departure.

    You'll see them again! Maybe on their turf!

  2. don't be sad - you'll see them again!

  3. I perfectly understand you dear ))) But they will come back )))

  4. Cheer Up my dear and remember the great time you had together!

  5. Aww sweetie, don't be so sad! This is a good time to put together a photo album or something like that of the time you spent together this summer. Then years to come you will have lots of albums of all the summers you spent together :)

    Yeah I don't know what's gotten into me. I'm still sick :(

    x Grayburn

  6. I'm sending you a MASSIVE taser zap, I know how it cheer's you up. Plus some kissesxxxxxx

    Hopefully you'll see them soonxxx

  7. aww. hugs. at least you had greatmemories with them.

    btw, you've been tagged for being the Queen of color. =]

  8. Awwww. You must plan now for the next visit!

  9. Oh Bless you! I understand you so well, I live far away from my family as well, so I do understand the sadness! Just think you will see them again as soon as you can!
    hope you feel better soon! xxxx

  10. Oh my dear, don't be sad. you'll see them again, maybe sooner than what you think, we never know.

    I send you a lot of hugs :)

  11. I promise...We will be back!
    We had lots of fun together and soon we will be together again for some more fun...
    Thanks for the memories!
    Love you very much.
    Sao and Vania

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  13. don t feel sad babez, just remember the good times and ull be okay

    warm hug from me

  14. aww...

    seperating with the people you love is torturing..
    i remember when i only got to see my dad once a year due to the distance.. it is heartbreaking.
    but i learnt a very positive lesson from it,
    you grow even fonder and appreciate what and who you have even more .

    as Bob Marley sang;
    "Don't worry, about a thing. Cuz every little thing , is gonna be ok"


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