Wednesday, 23 July 2008

the first days…

First days of holidays are always the better. We think there will be plenty of time to do whatever we want and also to rest.

The weather at Peniche, (stop your vicious mind… the word has a Greek root, not a Latin one, so the similarities with the P word aren’t real ;) ), is being a bit crazy. Foggy at the morning, sunshine at the afternoon and chilly at evening, but always a bit windy.

We haven’t been yet at the beach, but we have done long walks and we are always out.

Yesterday I wore my floral maxi dress. I took one of the pictures near the sculpture that honours the Peniche’s lace makers, (a rendilheira). It’s a special lace, the “bilro” lace, that you can see here a picture.

bronw gladiator sandals - Zara
floral print maxi dress - Stradivarius
mother of pearl necklace - gift from hubby
handbag - local store
sunglasses - mainland store

I’m very happy with my new long earring.
It was made just for me, and free of charge, by a girl that works at the café we usually go.
She was wearing one, and I said to her “I love your earring, where did you get it?”
She told me “Don’t worry I’ll make you one”.
Now I have also one. I love this kind of earring to wear alone or with just a little ball one on the other ear.

Once again “Searching the Inner Me…” has been honoured by the gorgeous and talented lady (¯`·._.·[***Celina***]·._.·´¯) from LUXOS E LUXOS with the Prémio Dardos, (Darts Award), which made me very happy, because the Darts Award recognize the values that each blogger shows each day on its commitment by transmitting cultural values, ethical, literary, personal, etc. ...
Thank you so much, my dear for thinking of me and for your generosity in sharing it with me.


Muito obrigado minha querida (¯`·._.·[***Celina***]·._.·´¯) de LUXOS E LUXOS pela sua generosidade em me passar o Prémio Dardos, que muito me honra, por aquilo que representa.

Logo que me seja possível cumprirei com as regras.


Now today’s outfit.
I know I’m wearing flats, but for long walks flats are better.

yellow shoes - mainland store
printed skirt - Zara
red top - H&M
vest - local store
handbag - local store
sunglasses - mainland store
earring - gift

I’m trying to visit your blogs as normally, but it’s not easy, because I just spend short periods of time in the internet. I must live the moment… sun, beach, adventure…
So I think you’ll understand.

Maybe tomorrow we’ll go to the capital. If so do you know what I’m going to see??? Well I think you wouldn’t guess, because it’s history, but not for me… so I’ll see SATC ;)

Now I leave you with just one word….



  1. Wow. Your vacation shots are sooo beautiful. I love both outfits, and certainly noticed two pairs of flats :)

    Emjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!

  2. It looks like you're really enjoying yourself. I'm happy for you! Your joy is showing in your outfits.


  3. no, don't visit blogs, just enjoy your vacation!! I love you in the maxi dress, it's one of my favorites, and how wonderful the earring is, and the lovely story behind it is even better.

  4. Congratulations for your award!!

    I'm so happy that you're having a good time...from here the weather seems nice. Your maxi dress is adorable and I loved the yellow flats.
    It's so cool that you'll watch SATC.

    I love your last that ice cream? it seems delicious.

    Forget about other blogs and my mail..enjoy you vacations and relax.

    I like your haircut. In the picture where you're showing your earring (which is beautiful- I want one) you look really good ;)


  5. You look amazing in the maxi dress - and now I want icecream, too *lol*.

  6. what a fantastic dress - you are too beautiful!

  7. I'm soooo jealous I could scream!!! Enjoy the 'fun in the sun' because there's lots of work in the factory when you return...:)

    love, love, love the maxixxx

  8. Nice dress! I agree, the first few days of vacation are my favorite too.

  9. How about, you go and enjoy your vacations instead of obcessing about the clothes you're wearing, no matter how cool they may be...?

    Go get some rest from this girl...


  10. Oh, and that crepe was... Oh God...


  11. Loving all your florals, both maxi and mini!! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  12. Hmmm...yum! I'm looking forward to seeing more about your holidays :)

    enjoy yourselves,
    x Grayburn

  13. Seeker, the haircut is awesome!! I also love the boho dress, perfect for where your trip!

  14. Beautiful dress!

  15. I LOVE your maxi dress!! I really want one like that! It looks so great on you especially paired with the gladiator sandals! Both outfits are colourful, stylish and comfortable - perfect vacation wear!

    I hope you continue to have a marvellous time my dear :D Take care and enjoy the rest of your day!

  16. just enjoy. you don't have to worry about us here. we can manage. lol.

    love the pics. love to see you're enjoying. =]

  17. You look lovely in the dress and your looks amazing! Have fun!

  18. that is such a cute maxi dress! great find!

  19. Your haircut is stunning. How can someone keep fabulous hair on holiday? not fair!
    Your skin looks great too. The holiday is obviously agreeing with you.

  20. I love that dress! Gorgeous!

    Gosh, I love all kinds of earrings, especially long ones, and yours is no exception. It's lovely and sooo long! Unfortunately I don't have my ears pierced (my first and only attempt when still a kid was disastrous...) but I'm planing to get them done sometime in the future. Till then, I'll sit here and envy all you girls who can wear lovely long earrings.

    Aww, you're so cute in the last picture! ^_^ That dessert looks yummy. Is that a kind of pancake with ice-cream, whipped cream and chocolate syrup? I love those... :P

    Take care and enjoy your holiday sweetheart!

    Lots of love,

  21. Your first cshots are adorable ))) Glad you have fun!!!!

    Hugs from Angel.

  22. I love the read about your holidays! That dessert in the last picture looks delicious indeed.
    Have fun and you look great as always!

  23. Looks like you are havenig a great time!
    Beautiful pictures!

  24. How funny is your last picture :)
    That ice cream look yummy :)


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