Sunday, 20 July 2008

must do’s…

I’ve been tagged by the cute yiqin from Qin At The Disco to do the 5 Things meme, as well by the lovely Miby from Las cerezas de Miby to tell about 6 unspectacular quirks.
I didn’t forget it dears… in time I’ll do it.

Also my blog has been honoured by three gorgeous and talented ladies, autumn from autumn's forgotten dreams, Miss L from Times of Glory and Grayburn from Grayburn with the Brillante Weblog Premio Award '08.
Thank you so much ladies I feel really flattered with this compliment.
Now I have the difficult mission of passing this award out to other bloggers. I think that mission is gigantic for me. So I also will do it in time.

Now I’ve been packing for my trip to mainland. It has been a fight to know what to put in my luggage. I want to take everything with me, and to choose just some pieces…

Well, my dear readers, I hope I’ll return soon as I’m thinking of doing some posts (at least with some casual outfits) from mainland.

Take care, enjoy and have fun. I’ll try to do the same ;)


  1. I like this new layout! I look forward to hearing who you pick for the award.

    And I also look forward to hearing all about your trip to the mainland and seeing your new purchases.


  2. Good luck and pack safe comfortable clothes!

    Love your new layout!!!

  3. You have a lot of homework, my dear.

    Can't wait for your posts!!!!!

    About your luggage... challenge yourself: create great outfits with a few pieces. Please, teach us the arts of mixing.
    I know you'll choose right.

    Enjoy, enjoy and relax ;)

  4. all well've had a face lift and I like it!

  5. I hope you'll enjoy your trip!

  6. have a nice trip dear ))) we will miss u

    Hugs from Angel.

  7. you're welcome. you truly are a brilliant blogger. i hope you'll have fun. i notice that you change your layout. it's nice. ^^ take care.

  8. Lovely layout :) Can't wait to hear about your trip when you're back!

    x Grayburn

  9. Have fun!
    Sorry I havent been visiting your blog lately.
    I like the new layout.

  10. Congratulations! You deserve that, you are really unique and original!!! Love to be around!

    a kiss!!

  11. really great new layout, congrats! ooo, have fun on the mainland, and I don't envy you the packing, I'm a terrible packer!

  12. Congrats and have an amazing voyage!

  13. Dear, you absolutely deserve it! Your posts are always uplifting and sweet! You are a blogger who cares not only yourself but also your friends!

    lots of love

  14. Congratulations dear, you really deserve these awards!
    Hope you'll have a great time at the mainland and hope you find great stuff!

  15. have fun!! love the new layout by the way!


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