Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Today's Outfit - 07/01

I must say that I’m touched for the kind words of my blogger friends, and I’m not going to shut down my blog.

I will try to organize my time schedule for posting about some issues that I think important and would like to talk about.

Until that a few pictures.

red shoes - Zara
red pants - local store
red and beige striped top - Venca
belt - El Corte Ingles
navy blue blazer - mainland store some years ago
necklace - gift
sunglasses - mainland store
red lipstick - L'Oreal
perfume - Paris from YSL


  1. oh you look so beautiful! the red pants are great!

  2. I totally understand what your saying...it's effing time consuming all the pictures and then the words and then reading other blogs. Take your time and enjoy summer.

  3. red is your signature color, it's all you!

  4. Must.. wear.. more.. red...
    Seriously, blogging takes a LOT of time, but for me it's a way of relaxing, so i guess it's time well spent... hopefully it won't turn into a pressure.

  5. Fantastic look as always, I really love the styling of this outfit :) Red is my absolute all time favourite colour, it is so vibrant and has so much character, those pants are awesome :D

  6. LOve love love your blazer, it is great and stylish.

    Fantastic outfit )))

    Hugs from Angel.

  7. OMG! You just gave me a slight heart flutter - you cant shut down, you are the original, you are the mother ship. Without you we are nothing!!! (so dramatic). Love the nautical look here... xf

  8. I adore the red pants - the cut is amazing and they make such long legs.

  9. Wow, those red pants are fabulous!

    I hope to see you in more red. I think that's my favorite color on you.

    What is YOUR favorite color on you? I'd love to see a post of you in outfits of your favorite color, or just a post of you in your favorite outfits.

  10. This look is a fresh twist on a classic color combination!

  11. I was so frightened when I read this post, I just came back and read what you had said. I am glad you are not quitting on us! I love that you have made the red, white and blue colour scheme look fresh and not like the American flag. Lovely, especially the blazer!

  12. I have a pair of red pants like that but I doubt I'd be able to pull them off as effortlessly as you do! So stylish!

    Thanks very much for your comments dear! Hope you had a great day and all the best for tomorrow :)

  13. i love tat jacket..everytime u use it,,,u use it well, same with the pants

  14. never think of shutting your blog please. o_O

    love your outfit. love the combination of red and blue and love your belt, too. you're awesome! ^_^

  15. You always look good in pants & only you can wear navy blue wit red & look so good!

  16. I love your red and navy look! Very nice!


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