Tuesday, 22 July 2008

the travel…

When we left home it was raining a bit, some showers.

The flight was great, but I made a complain, a written complain. Because when we booked the flight tickets I asked for a vegetarian meal. The tickets say “vege meal”, and when they start serving the food there was no special food, and the meal was roasted beef. I ate nothing. So I had to complain.

When we got at the Lisbon airport we wait more than an hour for the luggage… after we went to the rent a car and we also wait a long time to pick the car, well it was almost midnight when we arrived Hubby birth town.
It was cold and foggy… and I complained…

At least I spent most of this time doing something good, reading.
I read almost a book, and I’m enjoying it very much.
It’s “Follow Your Heart” (Va' dove ti porta il cuore) from Susanna Tamaro in which “A grandmother writes a series of letters to her granddaughter describing her ways of overcoming generations of pain. A bittersweet, heart-warming novel spanning generations and teaching the universal truths about life, love, and what lies within each of us.”

Now the travelling outfit…


  1. I can't help it, I need to rave about your outfit, even though my eyelids drop every other second. :-)

    The whole ensemble is just so... I don't know.. elegant, young, fresh, smart, stunning!!! I want them all!! Mwhawhawhawha!!!

    Ahemm, like I said (or was trying to say), you look great here. The beige and black combo is simple but very sophisticated, and the blouse and necklace are simply to die for.

    Good work! :-)

    Now that roast beef incident is not so much... How in the world could they make such a mistake?? Or be so careless...

    Still, I hope you had a good trip and that book sounds very interesting; maybe I'll borrow it from the library.

    Take care,

    (Will be back to talk to you more dear, but I really need to sleep now... ^_^)

  2. Oh, and it seems my blog is not the only one sporting a new look. ;-)

    Way to go, Seeker! I love it: it's easier to overview, more airy and pretty.

    Congrats! *hug*

  3. oh, you look soooo beautiful! i love the shoes!

  4. great traveling gear! Flying just ain't what it used to be. I dread an airport trip. At least you had a good book! and time to take some pictures!

  5. Like how you accessorize :) That sounded like a trip that would make me so grumpy! But hope you enjoy the rest of your trip.

    x Grayburn

  6. Cool travel look!

    You are so right to formally complain. I hate when they don't have the veggie meal I requested on a flight.

  7. I guess you couldn't pack your taser in your carry-on luggage! I'm sure these are minor (yet highly irritating) hiccups...I can't wait to read about holiday happeningsxxxx

  8. What nice airport wear!!! I'm sorry about the lack of vege-meal though. That sounds terrible.

  9. The shoes are hot, woman. Love 'em.

  10. What a great look! I love the rolled-up pants!

  11. I hate when such things happen too. When it comes to food, I am a very fussy eater! Ohwell, hope this won't spoil your trip! :) Have a good time *hugs

  12. Oiiii amiga, quando puder dá uma passadinha lá no Luxos e Luxos, tem um mimo pra vc, por puro merecimento, mas não se sinta obrigada a aceitar.
    Bjobjo linda.

  13. the oufit is comfortbale, stylish and great ))) Sorry about the flight (((

    Hugs from Angel

  14. Well done you! I hate when things like that happen! sometimes it changes my whole mood! You look perfect for a trip, I love the rolled up trousers and how you belted it! Lovely outfit! You look definitely gorgeous! :)

    Ps. Hope you are feeling better! :)

  15. You look amazing, really, this is a very nice outfit!
    Hope you're going to have a great time!
    Too bad about the dinner in the plain, You're right to make a complain about that!

  16. It's good you've complained! It's not right!

    Love your travel look!

  17. hmmm nice look..very appropriate

    lving the new layout

  18. your travelling outfit is superstylish.

  19. i whine a lot, too, when i travel. i hate waiting most especially. lol.

    i love your black top on the first pic. you look fab, no doubt. =]

  20. The books sounds interesting..at least you didn't suffer a lot.
    You look really good, I love your shoes :)

  21. There are a lot of accessories on that outfit; I bet you buzzed through security and got the search!
    Worth it, you look fab!


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