Saturday, 9 August 2008

back home updating…

I must talk about my flight back. Do you remember that I made a formal complain about my meal when I travelled to mainland? So this time I was very well treated.

They had my vegetarian meal which was delivered to me before the rest of the passengers. And the meal was tasteful.
I felt great and glad, not just because of me but also because of others vegetarian passengers that might come out.

The travel back outfit was very similar to the travel one I presented, I just changed the black shirt with a white button down blouse.

I’ll start working next Monday. I wasn’t supposed to, just on Thursday, but my chief called me and asked me to go, so she can leave on holidays.
I just couldn't say no, she’s so nice with me when I need something (to go out).

The weather at the island is very nice, hot and sunny. This evening was really agreeable when we went for a walk at the yachting marina.

Now I’m unpacking slowly. I’ll take some photos of a few purchases I made from the new collections Fall/Winter.

I’m very sad because I couldn't find some oxford shoes, or lanced ankle booties. I want ones desperately and I’m not sure of finding them here.

So, take care… have a good night and a cheese!
By the way I bought an hat. I don't know why I keep buying hats if I don't feel very comfortable wearing them here. But I will!!
I love love love hats!!!!


  1. SSSSOOOOOOOOOOO happy to have you back....

    I hope you had a AMAZING trip............
    ps. you look awesome...

    lots of love- xoxo

  2. I also can't say "no" in such situations. I'm glad your meal turned out so tasteful!

    And I'm loving hats, too!

  3. good luck with the unpacking...:( Now your back on the Island you should report to factory ASAP. Yum Yum's had so many problems tto deal with in your absence.

    ps thankx for your emailxxxxxxx

  4. oh great you are back!
    I missed your nice comments and your posts on your blog!
    and of course i remember you!

    yes I think politics are quite interesting... but I only like reading the english ones... because I can learn sth. =)
    kisses melmo

  5. Welcome back, darling.
    I love hats too! And airline food; I know, I'm a weirdo!


  6. Maybe you keep buying hats because you're gearing up to wear them this fall. I'm sure you'll be beautiful in them.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what you bought on the mainland.

  7. what i like in the airplane is the champagne. lol. it helps me put to sleep.

    welcome back. glad you're safe. =]

  8. We love hats!
    im glad you're back home!

    i bet you had an amazing holiday trip :)

  9. I am glad you are home again )))

  10. oooh glad u had a nice trip

    lol at the hats, keep trying them...we will tell u if it looks gr8

  11. Dear, I'm so glad that you have had a great flight back! I know you were not supposed to start working next Monday.... but saying "no" is so hard, right? I have the same problem and actually today I were not even supposed to work.

    Sometimes it sounds bit weird, but it is hard to find perfect shoes, even they are just ordinary ones...It takes me for quite a time to find a pair of flats, so I guess you will find some oxford shoes! We are getting there xxxxxxx

  12. Sadly you came back to work as I came back to school, haha.
    I envy you for the weather, here it has been raining a lot at nights.

    Please show us your hats!!!!
    As you, I like them but I don't wear them.

    Saludos ;)


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