Sunday, 10 August 2008

“fabulicious” vegetarian food...

In one of my previous posts about vegetarianism I talked about the difficulties of achieving vegetarian food, but also about some good surprises, as efforts to make things to others.

So I’m going to present some pictures of delicious vegetarian food plates either in flavour as in presentation that Chef Mariano had made especially for me in the last months.

(click the image to enlarge)

1- Soy hamburgers with cream and mushrooms sauce and Greek rice;
2- Stir fry vegetables;
3- Eggplant with Soy stuffed;
4- Melon stuffed with Soy, vegetables and nuts;
5- Vegetarian sausages rolled in Chinese cabbage with blue cheese and vegetables.

So I wish to thank Mrs Zélia, Mrs Ana and in particular Chef Mariano for his “fabulicious” (fabulous + delicious) vegetarian food.

And I would recommend to my dear vegetarian readers if you ever come to the city of Angra do Heroísmo, in the Azores Islands, to go to “Pão Quente” and to ask Chef Mariano to make you a vegetarian dish.

As there is no menu list you would have to rely, but I can assure you that you would not be disappointed.

I’m not being paid to do such publicity, I’m only paying back the way I’ve been so well treated.

I'm sorry for the quality of the pictures, they have been take with the cellular.


  1. These images are making me hungry!hehe..

    I'm just back from Paris and thanks so so much for your birthday wishes! I really had an active and great time there. Now I'm just trying to catch up on emails, work and such. And guess what? sickness went away in Paris! That's what a great vacation does!

    talk soon,

  2. look good anyway. i am not much of a vegetarian but i do enjoy a portobello mushroom burger.

  3. Yum! I'm not normally a fan of 'just' veggies but these look mouth watering.

  4. oh my god this food looks so yummie!
    "puderfarbenes" is a colour, i don't know how to say it in englisch, but it's this very very very light pink.

  5. Mouthwatering dishes )))

  6. oh it looks so good!
    and i love vegetarian food!
    great post.

  7. And now I'm hungry! Looks sooo delicious.

    Hey, I've got a little surprise for you in my blog. :)

  8. hmmmmmmm tasty.........i lie

    i cant help it, im meat for life lol

    actually, some vegetarian dishes are quite nice.

  9. Dear, this post makes me soooooooooo hungry! They look simply yummy! I am not a vegetarian, but I love the way they cook vegetables - with taste, style and heart xxxxxxxx

  10. These dishes look so tasty!

  11. seeing those yummy pics make me want to become a vegetarian now. lol.

  12. Looovely, yummy FOOD! I love vegetarian food and mostly eat that. We have a big festival comping up here in the south of Sweden and then there will be all kinds of yummy dishes!


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