Friday, 22 August 2008

Fall/Winter improvement – On Sales

These pieces are the ones I bought on sales thinking that maybe it could be an improvement to my wardrobe.

Black cardigan - Zara

Black lace with some sequins top - Cortefiel

(It has under a light gray tank that I'm going to take it out)

Black fake leather jacket - Stradivarius

Today I went to "our" Mango shop, just to see "the views".

I immediately saw a black lace dress, OMG, I just felt in love. It was soooooooooo Prada!!!!


  1. the cardigan is lovely.
    i need a black one.
    that looks like a nice leather jacket.
    they are hard to find, most are really tacky.

    everyone loves zara
    i've never been in one but everyone wants one in australia.
    hope we get one soon.

  2. That lacy top is something else! What will you wear under it if you take the gray tank out?

    Also, that black jacket was a good score.

  3. I love the second top! It's awesome!

  4. great things, honey! the fake leather jacket is sooo nice!
    i think a zipper-skirt would look fantastic on you, too!

  5. Omg! You have the BEST fashion sense, I tell you! I'm always stunned by your looks and the choices of clothes! Way to go! And I LOVE that lace top! And the jacket... hooot!

  6. The black cardi is so cute! And I love the jacket!

  7. oh wow. great wardrobes. of course they're black. my fave color. =]

  8. i love the black lace top!

  9. Love the lace top, even with that tank.

  10. You always make the best choices....can't wait to see you in the lace top and bikers jacket!

  11. I really want that jacket, it's beautiful

  12. Oooh! I especially love the lace top!

  13. this jacket is absolutely gorgeous )))

  14. Everything is lovely. Good choice. i've been doing some colorful shopping. Oh god, how much i love shopping!


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