Friday, 15 August 2008

Fall/Winter improvement – Part II

Continuing to introduce some upgrading in my wardrobe, with pieces I’ve bought of what was available from the new Fall 08/Winter 09 Collection.

Since I started with the shoes I’m going a bit up and present… The Bottoms

The Pants

Black wide-legs pants - C&A Clockhouse

Brown wide-legs pants with black belt – H&M

The Skirts

Winter floral with black silk belt skirt – H&M

Black and gray tweed skirt - Zara

Black, with purple, pink, gray and white, printed skirt- C&A Sixth Sense
(this skirt has a waist band that can be pulled up and wear it like a strapless dress)

Black pencil skirt with thin belt – H&M

As I was scrolling the pictures I realized that there’s some lack of bright colours.

Question to myself: Am I crossing to the dark side??? Should I call my friends the Jedis??? (I love Master Yoda and “To speak like him I like”)


  1. I usually make a point of getting some colors for winter else I will be wearing all black or grey as well. I like the pencil skirt and the wide leg pants, both are such classic. They are easy to dress up, down, sexy or for the office.

  2. You got lots of beautiful things! I can't wait to see the outfit posts.

  3. Ooh, I love to see you coming to the dark side. But, I am sure you will never fully commit the the dark side.;-)

  4. You can add a lots of colorful tops and blouses :). I love the stuff you've bought.

  5. well the floral skirt is kinda bright and also, its hat you do with them, a bright green top uno...we cant say ure crossing over just yet hehe

    yh but i like em, nice pieces

  6. I was missing bright colors in your selection too, but I think as Nadine that you'll surely add them at the top.

    I think that dark colors at fall are the reaction to the colourful summer, we need for a change from time to time... don't you think so? :)

  7. oh dear, the skirts are amazing! i can't wait to see them on you!

  8. oooo I'm loving those pants! and the skirt with the buttons! I see your point about lack of bright colors but for me fall was always about deeper tones, try some deep red and maroons maybe? Just a thought :]

  9. crossing to the dark side? lol. i doubt it. i know you can match them up with anything that you would still look very stylish. i honestly love those selections. =]

  10. I need to start to find pants that will work for me because some bloggers wear them so well !!

  11. Amazing things you have!
    And no, you are not crossing the dark side!
    Can't wait to see the looks with those pieces!

  12. I wish I had all those skirts, they are amazing especially the printed ones!

  13. Wow, amazing things )))

    Hugs from Angel.

  14. Wow, I see alot of great stuff here. I love the Black Pencil Skirt, the black and gray tweed skirt and the brown wide leg pants. Nice stuff!!

  15. I need to come shop your closet :) Fabulous bottoms!


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