Monday, 4 August 2008

holidays updating...

After this post I’ve been out there doing things.
After all that’s what holidays are for…

I’ve been to the beach and one of the days I took a great swim, since the water was in its best. After that the typical North Wind appeared and the days in Peniche have been chilly, despite the sun, and the nights are cold. So cold that we have to wear layers of clothes to get warm and walk by night.

I went to Fátima because it’s a thing I like to do when I come to mainland.
But I think I don’t feel Fátima as most of the people who goes there.
Fátima is a big energy field.
(Sorry, no pictures, it’s a very inner experience.)

I also went to see SATC, but to be honest I felt disappointed. Maybe I put my expectations too high…

Being vegetarian on holidays has been tough.
Well, being vegetarian isn’t easy, in small communities, and it’s always a fight.
But in a town that have such tourism I just can’t believe that I’m the only vegetarian that has showed. So it should be easy to eat in a restaurant.
I think Italian restaurants are the ones that give more options.
Also family and friends look at me and I know they’re thinking “She’s odd”.
I don’t fit in the model that people are used to know. They think it’s stupid and can’t understand why I don’t want to eat meat.
I don’t feel the moral superiority that unfortunately some vegetarians have propagated, and I don’t want to impose my belief, however...
I’m vegetarian and I’m proud of it!

These days the town big religious festivities are taking place, and holidays are almost about to end…

And today’s outfit is this.

I want to thank you all for the nice and kind comments in the post “sunshine on my skin…”


  1. oh honey you look great! those pants are amazing - your body's amazing!!! and i loooove the bag!

  2. Classic Resort wear, and a great backdrop; Mr Seeker got the light just right.
    A beauty.

  3. Hey Seeker! I'm glad you're still having a wonderful time on holiday!
    You look great in your red and white ensemble...and I love your bag too!

    I'm not a vegetarian but I think everyone should have the right to eat what they want to eat without being judged...unless its cannibalism or something.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend darling!

  4. you were dissapointed with satc? I thought if fullfilled all my expectations 10 times over but i guess it's not everyone's cup of tea. What island do you live on? I haven't been able to figure it out.

    You have the beachy casual style down pat, I wish I could pull off white pants like you do!

  5. What a fresh summer look. I'm glad that you're trying so many things on your holidays. I hope you're finding peace and happiness.

  6. yes, you should be proud of being vegetarian!

    I'm glad you're having a good time.
    Nice look, I love your bag and belt.

    I'm getting the feeling that the quantity of clothes are proportional to the feeling of not knowing what to wear... what do you think.

    besos ;)

  7. I just love how you wear color. oof, it's hard to be vegetarian around dedicated meat eaters! funny how people are always fearful of anything different. I hope you get another good beach day, but I'm jealous of your chilly evenings!

  8. what a great bag. thanks for sharing your holiday experiences. :)

  9. just a right outfit for a sunny day, seeker. :)


  10. I love your outfit, it is very holiday :) Perfect vacation images to, blue skies, lovely buildings and a seaside outfit :)

    I understand how hard it is to try and eat vegetarian on vacation, most dishes contain meat and sometimes only the boring ones are vegetarian x

  11. Love your look! White and red match so well!

    You're right! It's hard to be a vegetarian. I'm not but a close friend of mine is and in restaurants vegetarians were threaten really rough.

  12. In today's age I can't believe you've had trouble finding a good veggie meal! I agree S&TC wasn't all it was hyped to be.

    The cold weather is what you get for taking an extended break from the factory...hahahaha

  13. i like ure top, really nice....u are looking great hun

  14. I'm a vegetarian too so I definitely know how difficult it can be sometimes. And it's really irritating when people just can't understand your opinions and choices. Argh. But we should be proud of our lifestyle - and I think we both are. :)

    You look lovely in your outfit. I love the white and red together - it looks so good!

  15. It might be quite a nice experience to go there! Your outfit is gorgeous, you look fabulous in red & white! Enjoy the last bit of your holidays! :)

  16. wow! you are fantastic, love the white bag matching with the pants, so classy!!!

    a kiss!!!

  17. lol. i remember when i was in the Netherlands, i kept telling the Dutch people there that i'm fat. because they would ask me why i didn't eat that much. i don't eat pork, as well. but then, they kept telling me that i'm skinny. lol.

    anyway, you're really gorgeous on those pics. =]

  18. I know what you mean about the vegetarian thing, I think! I was a vegetarian for 6 ys, vegan for 1, now I eat fish occasionally but most of the time veggies.

    You always choose such great clothes that suit you very well! Love those colors on you and your hair is fab!


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