Tuesday, 5 August 2008


Unless it has something to do with me I usually don’t speak about Hubby. He has all the right to his privacy.
But I think I’ve said enough for you to know that he’s special, (at least I think so).

Hubby had been for twenty five years a Volunteer Firefighter which means he had had his job (also with an university degree in Social Sciences) and “found some time” to help in volunteer emergency services.
At the present he is inactive.

Now they want him to come to here (to mainland) to be at least Commandant. They want him so, so much.
I’m very, very proud of him, because I see that they’re recognizing his potential.

I just wish I could tell him, without restrictions, “Va' dove ti porta il cuore” (Follow Your Heart).

This Hubby’s picture was taken by me in a training course he was doing at Tui, Spain.


  1. oh that's great! your hubby looks so nice - i think you're a great couple!

  2. congratulations to him, and his wife is giving him VERY good advice! Your husband also has a kick ass mustache!

  3. let your wish come true every moment
    best wish from me

  4. Congratulations to your husband. I'm sure he's a very special guy if he can be there for you, and work two jobs, one of them very high stress.

  5. Oh you can be so proud of him! This is such a great and important job.

  6. Seeker, With your permission can I have that motto for parents on my blog? "Va' Dove ti porta il cuore"

    I grew up in the bush and my Dad was a volunteer firefighter, it is a very important job and I can imagine how proud you are that they want him to be Commandant.
    Your Solus Mo Chroidhe (Light of my heart)

  7. I am not at all surprised that you are married to such a wonderful and giving guy--after all you married him.;-) Congrats to your husband. I admire his spirit of giving.
    Big hug. Missed you much. xo

  8. of course you should be proud of him!!!

  9. wow. congrats to him. and he's so lucky to have you. =]

    i don't talk about my hubby that much, too. but i love him and he's a fan of my blog. lol.

  10. He is my hero! Good job :)
    And welcome back, darling!


  11. that's amazing that he does that, congrats to your special hubby! 25 years!

  12. You must be proud of him!!


  13. Dear, your hubby should be mentioned EVERY day! You must be so proud of him! It is easy to help the society for a day, but it is EXTREMELY hard to help for 25 year! He is such a great person xxxxxxxxxxx

  14. Congrats to him. You seem to be a great couple!

  15. Wow, a firefighter?!! Awesome!!!

  16. Will you follow???? And will you get a title like Commandantee?

    ps hubby's very handsome.

  17. Congrats to him! He must be an amazing husband!

  18. Congrats to him! He must be an amazing husband!

  19. What a sweet post! He seems like an amazing fella...

  20. Omg! That is so daring. And you're one really strong woman at heart I do believe, having to think about a husband who has a dangerous job. Hope you don't mind my saying it but that was the first thing that came to my mind! And also, I understand that you're proud! He must be a wowza man I think!


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