Sunday, 10 August 2008

new blog in “town”….

For those who speak Portuguese, there’s a new blog in the internet…
Café e Bolos (Coffee and Cakes) presents some thoughts of all kinds and issues as if you are at a coffee table chatting with friends.

Go see for yourself… and chat.


  1. !
    It sounds right up my alley.. I need to take up another language. Semi trilingual is not enough, ahah.

  2. fantastic blog in portuguese and i do love vegetarian food!!!

    a kiss!!!

  3. Now I'm going need to learn how to read Portuguese :)

  4. well we should start our " cafe de la couture " instead !!

  5. Will go check it out right now!

    Thanks for your enthusiasm on my eighties post . . . I was a kid in the 80s too so I love it as much as you do!!!!


  6. i don't speak your language nor understand it. =[

    but i like the idea of having coffee while talking to some friends. i like hanging out at starbucks. lol.


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