Saturday, 16 August 2008

the new LBD...

Once the winter collections made their way down the catwalk with “black being the new black” it seems only fair that the now known only by three letters, the LBD (little black dress), so well loved, gets its day in the spotlight.

When in 1926, Coco Chanel published a picture of a short, simple black dress in Vogue and made this sombre hue the new “it” colour, women took the hint and ran with it, straight to every social event, movie set and fashion show.
Bottega Veneta
Fall 2008 Ready-to-Wear

Black is the colour that isn’t colour, but symbolizes more than all other colours. Everything in it is radical.
It’s the "no colour" of asceticism, the honesty and purity with the black of religious, of the governesses’ gowns and sobriety among business people. It became the symbol of the tragedy and mourning in Western societies since the XIX century, but also of fascism or anarchy, of occultism and perversity. On the other hand is the unquestionable tone of the night, the elegance, the ultra chic and the eroticism.

Fall 2008 Ready-to-Wear

The black dress is a huge creative source. This season new black dress it’s the miscellaneous of all precedent LBD seen in cinema.
The aesthetic of the irresistibly and seductive woman dressed in black, that this winter Fashion magnificent explores, goes far beyond the crown of the objective power that women won in society.
Audrey Hepburn in
Breakfast at Tiffany's

It goes to seek another kind of feminine power and seduction, which subtly manipulate: the fatalism, a theatricalised weakness, which is very south of Europe, more emotional. Based on the passionate Sicilian widows’ magnetism, that is associated to false weakness and all sorts of hidden and passionate crimes. Like the black widow spider catches its victims so irretrievable with an apparent calm.

Anita Ekberg in
La dolce vita

This new black dress speaks also of a mature sexuality, which comes under the turning over of woman’s Fashion this season. A wise sense of style that can never be imitated by a woman in her twenties, moreover the black was, for centuries, out of the wardrobe of young ladies, since wasn’t conform to their expected “ingenuousness" and purity. This new black dress is for women who "frighten" conservative men with their independence and assertiveness. It’s the feminism settling also in Fashion, if we want. It’s all about a new generation of women, free, modern, and powerful as never before.
Fall 2008 Ready-to-Wear


  1. This post is fantastic! I have been noticing all the incredible variety of LBDs lately . . . that Balenciaga is sheer perfection!


    P.S. You were right about the hood :)

  2. the best and most classy look ever!

    a kiss!!

    have a great weekend!!

  3. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    you are fantastic!!!

    really nice blog
    fabulous fantastic

  4. You picked all the best! What great taste you have.

  5. LBD's are completely sexy. I really like the one from prada.

  6. Great entry!

    I love the last dress! It looks like it's able to give every women a nice curvy shape.

  7. Great great great post! Love black! And you have Anita Ekberg, too! Gorgeous dresses.

    Thanks for commenting over at my place, you are ever so sweet! You would really rock that red lipstick shade, I can get it for you here and send it to you if you want to! No problem, just let me know!

  8. I picked up a black sleeveless armani in a charity shop in Notting Hill earlier this year. Now I have little boobs and a big bottom, but even the staff in the shop thought it suited me; the power of good design. I wear it to Mummy's nights out; to show off to the other mamas!

  9. i really loved your report! it's nice to read the history about the LBD!

    thanks for your comment, dear.
    here it isn't warm it is normal but too cold for the summer... i hate it...

    kisses melmo

  10. I dont think LBD's ever go out of style. Nice post.

  11. Great post!
    The Balenciaga look is amazing!

  12. wow! the LBD hemline really went down this of you to pick up on this trend!
    its like the MBD...midlength black dress this season.

  13. I have to admit, I still don't have the perfect little black dress.

  14. oh wow. i really love black. so chic and elegant. love the first pic.=]

  15. Oh I Love the Balenciaga one =D
    and the Prada (L)

    and all of themmm


    Yes Summer School is over, tomorrow im going in a 1 week road trip with my best friend i hope i can find some Wifi around to post some things at the blog !

  16. Great post )))

  17. I must have that Balenciaga dress!

    x Grayburn


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