Friday, 22 August 2008


Just a small talk about some of my skincare practices.

Thanks to my lovely blogging friend Grayburn who have inspired and encouraged me and to Hubby that was always telling me to take care of myself, that I’ve been taking care of my face skin on a daily basis with these products.

Face care, two times a day, morning and night:

Gamila Secret Soap
Eisenberg Toning Lotion

Clinique even better skin tone corrector

Eisenberg Hydra Lifting

Two times a week in alternating days:

Eisenberg Firming Remodelling Mask

Thanks to Sis and Goddaughter who gave and introduced me to:

Body care:

From The Body Shop

Satsuma Body Polish and Satsuma Body Butter

I’m not doing reviews of these products, it’s not my field. I leave it to the experts like Izar, Grayburn and my new find Rocketqueen, if they are interested.

*pictured with the exfoliator


  1. Lovely! I bet it'll be pure joy discovering how these new products work for you.

  2. Great skin care practices. You've reminded me to exfoliate. haha

  3. oh i love the products from the bodyshop!
    they smell so great!

  4. hello seeker,
    do you know David Wilcock and the 2012 Enigma? You can find him at
    I would like to know your opinion about it.
    Love you.

  5. Wait, is that a link to me! Wow, thanks! I just hearted you because you are so dear to me even though I just found you! Your blog makes me warm at heart so I wanted to appreciate you over at my place:

    Love from Linn!

  6. Omg that seems like a mouthfull! It must cost alot to buy all of those and use it so often. Do they work well?
    Ive been using neutrogena oil free acne wash and st. ives gentle apricot scrub which is only about $3 at a drugstore... works pretty well too

  7. I love the Clinic products! Great post!

  8. I need to do the same, but I always end up buying more clothing instead of body products. I have tried the body shop products though, and I love the way they smell!

  9. i found that Nivea visage works on my skin. i tried a lot of facial toner before but nothing really works. =[

    anyway, i love Body Shop, too. i still have the Banana Body Butter that i bought in the Netherlands. =]

    happy weekend! ^^

  10. It´s really important and this post reminds me that i really need some new products too!

    a kiss!!!

  11. Oh TYPICAL. You take care of everyone in your family but yourself! That's a dreadful trend that's been happening... so glad you've been talked into some me time products!

    You deserve it!!

  12. i need to exfoliate soon uh... been bad. but i faithfully use my la mer cream so at least my face is hydrated. : )

  13. Time for a Home Spa day for you Seeker, a little aroma therapy might help with your stress levels too.
    Take care, xx

  14. Ms Seeker: your comments on my blog mean so much to me, and even more today, when I know I have written about personal and difficult things. I can see your Mum at the sewing table making you pretty little outfits, and you then growing up to have such good taste and style. And making you feel so loved. Remember these days, remind her of these days. Talk to her about the patterns she is buying for you, or the new styles of skirt or dress she is making. It is good to talk as if it is happening now for her, because that part of her brain remembers well.
    And I bet she taught you to take good care of your skin in the fresh island air.
    You get me. And the best thing is; you get me regardless of language.

  15. thanks. but unfortunately, i'm in the office now. since yesterday. no time to relax until the end of sept. =[

    but i hope you had a relaxing weekend. tc always. =]

  16. great idea for a post! and i love clinique stuff!

  17. ahhh thank you :)

    yeahhhh it was heavenly!

  18. Ai amiga, como eu adoro essas cosinhas de mulherzinha, amo creminhos e tudo mais. Adorei!
    Passa lá no Luxos e Luxos que tem mais um merecido selo pra vc.

  19. Oh wow! I am embarrassed to accept your compliments! Thanks, you're always so lovely :) These are great product...I've heard good things about the exfoliator. How was your weekend?

    x Grayburn

  20. I interested to heat more about the Gamila Secret soap. I like the look of the packaging.

  21. oh, an interesting post! i was thinking about trying out the body shop body polish... is it good? you sure have some great skincare products!!!

  22. god i should really start takin care more of my skin !!!!

  23. I love the body butter from Body Shop. They all smell great and make your skin feel soft and beautiful.

  24. the bodyshop stuff always smells good

    i love products from dove because it's gentle on the skin :)

  25. Wonderful. Skin care is so important.

  26. It's good that you're taking care of yourself...I'm sure your body is grateful. I should start doing the skin is going to be with me until I die so I have to take care of her.


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