Monday, 18 August 2008

skinny was supposed to be out...

Etro Fall 2008 runway

I thought skinny was supposed to be out of Fashion.
But as Jill Sherman from Trend de la Crème posted here there were many sickly thin models on the Fall 2008 runways.
So we have bodies being formed to fit clothes, rather than clothes designed to fit bodies.

"If you look at the girls, they are not beautiful like models were 20 years ago," says Jimmy Pihet, spokesman for the Federation Française de la Couture, which oversees Paris fashion shows. "The girls are thin, they have strange faces. ... At first, you look at them and you're not sure if they're beautiful or disgusting."

It has been said that models aren't role models for young girls -- that actresses play that role.
This is a contested point. As any parent of an adolescent girl can tell you, fashion magazines become dog-eared as girls study them for beauty tips.

As a woman who struggles with her image since ever and had had some eating disorders because of not accepting that wasn’t thin, I feel fear of how regular girls can be disturbed by those models.

But after reading this post of Mary from HAIL MARY, encouraging girls to embrace their beauty I feel optimistic.


  1. thank you for visiting my blog, and a nice comment from you... for me being thin is not sexy or beautiful... being fit and healthy is what i admire the most

  2. Hmmm...I kind of am split. I'm not for eating disorders, but I don't really see a problem with skinny models as long as there is a diversity of sizes. Not just skinny or not just regular size or plus size, but a mix of both.

  3. We have to talk with our girls as soon as possible, because they are bombarded with images of "perfect, rail-thin" girl-ideals from early on.

  4. oh my god they look horrible! how can they be role models for anyone?

  5. The quote is really nice. I don't think that the models nowadays look beautiful - they just scare me. They look as if their head is too big for their body. And it's even worser that my pupils take that too serious and often only think about weight.

  6. The shoes of the models are great - it's a bit mod style, I think.
    Not sure about the left model, perhaps we should feed her just a little bit.

  7. What happened to banning models from the catwalk if they were dangerously underweight for their height?
    I don't think any girl should be allowed to model, catwalk or editorial unless she can vote and menstruate. Vote: so I don't have to look at 13 year olds with formless faces trying to sell me €1500 handbags and shoes, and menstruate: so I know she is a healthy weight and isn't wrecking her bones for the sake of said Designer campaigns.
    This is why we see Linda, Christy, and Cindy back in the mags because they look like REAL people. Beautiful but genuine. (forget about crazy Naomi and Kate)


  8. Thanks a lot for your comment in El Fashionista about my collection! I'm glad you like it!

    About the girls...i just prefer a fresh and healthy image. I don't think corpses are cool anymore!

  9. Yes I agree these girls are too thin. But I love odd faces..I am usually drawn to uniqueness and oddness. True, where are the Christie Brinkley's of today?

    Your post about your mother is still with me..for some reason...

    x Grayburn

  10. But they are in again! Even don't know what to say ... hope most girl won't rememebr about eating disorders!

  11. i know!!! what happened to curvy hot sexiness??

  12. Agreed. There certainly needs to be a diversity of image at the higher levels of the fashion industry.

  13. Thanx for your comments!! But you can still send your bday wishes!!... And about the poem....I agree, it's always easier to say the things but when the time comes, seems so difficult to live them!!!

    I'll be waiting for your bday coments!!

    Kiss!! Hugs!!...


  14. Ah, Seeker, kudos to you for addressing a touchy and difficult subject.
    When I post runway images, if I notice that I model is sickly thin like the girl in the left-hand photo in your post, I take the image OUT!
    The argument for uber-thin models is that skinny girls don't detract from the clothes; so if the opposite is happening, something is wrong!
    I think artificial rules about body fat percentages are kind of ridiculous, since a girl with 20% body fat can be anorexic while her naturally skinny counterpart with 15% body fat can eat cheeseburgers and fries without a care. That being said, models who look ill are a sad sight and eating disorders a very real fashion issue. I'm not sure there is a quick fix for this problem, nor do I honestly believe that designers will begin to favor more "normal" sized girls.

    Thanks for being socially conscious and willing to discuss a difficult topic!
    Also, I really appreciate all of your long, thoughtful and warm comments on Couture Carrie. I take your compliments to heart and they mean so much to me!!


  15. models these days are all about unique faces/features it seems.. and since i'm skinny i've ALWAYS longed for a more curvy womanly figure.. i just think it's way more attractive...

  16. For sure, everybody is beautiful in your own way :)


    a kiss!!

  17. Thanks for the blog comment!!


  18. It's great to hear Couture Carrie take out the sickly thin images. I think designers should not put girls who are obviously dangerously thin on their runways. those poor girls need help.

  19. Thank you so much for the feature. Honestly, I love that you care so much for your daughter, i feel too many parents right now just think, "Oh this is normal for her age" and let the sexualisation of girls continue when really they are being broken down. It hurts me inside.

  20. i agree with kira, that everyone is beautiful in their own way, but when people starve themselves to be stick thin, thats where i draw the line

  21. Too agree..... but different people have their own defination of beauty.

  22. Great post. I think it is hard to appreciate our own bodies when we aren't as tiny as models. I wish there were more diverse sizes on the runway.


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