Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Today's Outfit - 08/12

So back to our column “Today’s Outfit”.

The weather is like a tropical climate, high temperatures and a high level of humidity, today we had 26º C and 95%.
This makes us feel so sleepy and slow, besides the sweating and the way the hair curls.

Usually I don’t like to go to the office sleeveless, I don’t think very appropriate, but everybody is doing the same, because we can’t stand with this heat.

Tomorrow it’s my wedding anniversary; yes we married in a 13th day, to defeat bad luck. I don’t know yet how we’re going to celebrate it.
Hubby is waiting for me to tell him how, but this weather is killing me…

Always complaining about the weather, if it’s cold it’s because it’s cold, if it’s hot… the same, how we, humans, like to complain…

Have you seen how Google is funny with the cute images in the title to celebrate Beijing 2008 Olympic Games?

white shoes - Bata
white skirt - Zara
printed tunic - H&M
bangle - mainland store
sunglasses - mainland store
long earing - gift
lipstick - Guerlain
perfume - Paris from YSL


  1. oh dear, you look great! your tunic is so amazing! unfortunately i didn't see it in "my" h&m :(

  2. Hi Seeker: Hilariously, as I read about your anniversary tomorrow, I thought "I married on a 13th too". Then I thought, "wait, it was the 13th of August"?!?! So thanks for reminding me. I've been married 9 years tomorrow. How about you?

  3. You know I was going to buy the same top? hehe :)

    x Grayburn

  4. ooh this is different, i guess summer is here

    u look great, i like the white

  5. Happy anni :) You look good!! :D

  6. Cute pics! I like the bold design of the top and HAPPY HAPPY anniversary my dear!!!

  7. I think that is the best top you own. Very graphic, very strong. Very you.

  8. i so love the top. looks comfy. =]

    hope you're fine, too. nice to see you again. ^^


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