Sunday, 17 August 2008

Today's Outfit - 08/17

I’m trying not to melt… because this humidity is killing everybody, as you can see for my bored expression.

We went on a drive with mother, she was ok.
But when I went to get her she was in the living room and she said to me “I don’t know where my room is.” It was a huge shock!
But I had to manage the situation in that second in a way that she wouldn’t feel bad.
I remembered the reference point for her room is a telephone on the wall nears the door, so I asked her “But there’s something nears the door that you know, what is it?” She looked at me and said “A telephone”. “Oh, after all you know where your room is.” I answered and we went as if nothing had happened.

What’s the big deal, may you ask. Well when an Alzheimer’s patient forgets something we always ask what’s next. Maybe my face…

blue shoes - Stradivarius
beige cropped pants - H&M
blue belt - mainland store
violet tank - Mango
white bag - Bata
long earring - gift
red lipstick - L'Oreal
perfume - Paris from YSL
sunglasses - mainland store


  1. Don't fell bad, at 83 with Alzheimer's and still remembering us, I will say that she's doing very well.... I know it's frightening, but we have been so lucky, there are much younger people that are way more forgetful than her.
    God Bless Mother!

  2. oh dear, it makes me sad to read something like that :( i hope you and your mom are ok!

    you look gorgeous! i love the way you work with colours!

  3. Our brains have many senses. We just ignore some of them most of the time. Yes, there may come a time when your mum doesnt remember what you look like now; but she will have memories of you as a little girl, of how you felt to give a big squeezey hug too when you cried, of how you smelt in the morning when you were sleepy and how your face looked all soft and innocent when you went to sleep.
    You always tell us what scent you are wearing; and my mind instantly remembers that fragrance; and where I was when I first wore it. Wear your signature fragrance when you visit, the one everyone thinks of as yours. She will connect with you in some part.
    You look beautiful today, and you always make me smile.

  4. sorry about your mom. my grandpa went through the same thing. it was really had for us at the time.

  5. I checked out your island, it looks beautiful. Sometimes I wish I was born and lived on a tiny island, life just seems so quiet and undisturbed.

    I love the pops of blue, your outfits are always so cheerful!

  6. i can feel yah. my hubby's grandmother is somewhat like that. she's going back to "early childhood". we don't usually bring them to a nursing home so we just take care of them. sometimes, she's really getting too troublesome. but we have to be patient with them as well.

    anyway, you still manaage to look really good on that purple top even you said you were bored. =]

  7. I always love all your colourful shoes they are amazing

    I hope your mom only gets well and im crossing my fingers for her not to forget your face!

  8. So sorry to hear about your mother, Seeker. I've seen a few of my family members struggle with illnesses and it's always a difficult thing to watch. I hope your mom gets better and stays that way for as long as possible!

    Your outfit is fantastic though! I love how you mixed the bright purple and blue with the neutral pants. I can't make out all of your white bag, but it looks cute from what I can see!

    Take care darling, feel better and enjoy your day tomorrow :)

  9. On the bright side, I love your outfit and how perfectly the shoes and the belt match.

    BUT, you handled your mother very well! My grandmother is in very late stages of alzheirmers and it's incredibly tragic because she was once a very admired political figure, always poised, and now she cries a lot and acts beyond strangely. I feel embarrased for her not because her behavior is embarrasing (I know she can't help it!) but if she saw the way she was acting now her old self would be so angry! She was such a controlled woman and now you just don't see it in her, which is a huge sin.
    I wish you all the best, seriously, I know how cruel a disease it can be!

    a million hugs and kisses!

  10. Alzheimer's is serious and heartbreaking, and difficult not to take personally sometimes. My grandfather forgot who I was. This was very difficult for me.

    You look cool as a cucumber, I'd never know you were overheated in that lovely purple.

  11. My mother works with mentally disabled people and the also have old men and women with Alzheimer. It's hard to see that cause as you say you don't know what they forget next. I hope your mother won't forget you! It's great how you've helped her with the little trick.

    I like the colorful top with the pants!

  12. I understand you. One of my grandmothers would forget everything that was present, and almost never recognised us. But we were happy for her because everything else was ok and she was having a nice and quiet life.

    I think that you are very brave and given the case you'll find a solution, just as you made her remember where her bedroom was. That was a good move.

    I hope that you all keep well.


  13. Purple is so hot on you. Great top!

    Hugs from Angel.

  14. That's really something difficult to deal with. But getting older is a beautiful thing especially when we have our love ones around. Your mom is so lucky to have you there.

    Btw, I still love those pants! Oh and yes we're both very lucky with our men. My man loved the "men" jokes as well!

    How was your weekend?

    x Grayburn

  15. oh it's so sad with your mother =(

    but i really like your outfit!...

    greetings melmo

  16. That's so sad to hear about your mom, I hope things don't get worse! I can imagine that this is hard for you!

    You do look great, I really love the color combination!

  17. I'm really sorry about your mom, it sounds heartbreaking...thinking of you.

  18. I do love the violet tank, a must of this season!

    a kiss my friend!

    I do love your great style!

  19. hahaha no problem ! :D

    Thanks for wishing me luck on my trip hihi

    Can't wait to start it tonight :D

  20. You look lovely and cool in lavender.

    I am so sorry about your mother. My grandmother who was like a best friend to me had Alzheimer's for nearly 20 years and it was so hard.

    Big hugs and lots of love to you.

  21. I'm sorry to hear about your mom :( but you look great and I have no idea how you can wear pants in such heat and look so sleek <3

  22. Sorry about your mom. Love your spirit, though. You're so uplifting. :) And the outfit is totally darling.


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