Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Today's Outfit - 08/26

Today when I chose this blouse I thought it would be fresh, since it’s sheer and soft, Hummm but it wasn’t the best choice, because I felt hot all day.

I’m feeling worried (and not just me) because it doesn’t rain since long time, which is not normal at the Island. Now the company water rationed it and we are having water cuts for 24 hours. In my zone it’s at Mondays and Thursdays.
Yesterday I wasn’t prepared but at least I had plenty of bottled water.

I wore my new bracelet Hubby offered me when we were at mainland. It was bought at Tie Rack and it has two rows, one of pearls and the other of silvered pieces, it has also some cute pieces, like two butterflies, a turtle, an elephant with its snout up (to give good luck),…

The last picture is more of a bit of my house. Despite it hadn’t rain the grass grows quickly…

blue shoes - Stradivarius
very light blue pants (from a suit) - Promod
red belt -Tally Weijl
blue and white polka dot sheer blouse - local store
white tank -Zara
bracelet - Tie Rack (gift from Hubby)
lipgloss - L'Oreal
perfume - Paris from YSL
sunglasses - mainland store


  1. Love the shirt, hope your water comes back fully soon!

  2. Your Island, not enough rain. My Ireland, sooo soggy and flooded. If I could send you some rain I would. In the meantime you look serene and lovely in those white pants.

  3. That's a really great bracelet. Your hubby loves you!

    I love the white trousers and blue shirt.

  4. I adore the shirt with the bracelet. You look fab as always.

  5. I'm sorry you were hot seeker, but you sure do look nice. I like that sheer blouse. Last year our city had us on a water restriction. We have been getting plenty of rain over the last few months and its been raining all day today. I think when its all said and done, our restrictions will be off.

  6. argh, don't you hate being hot all day?? but at least you looked so cute! Awful about the rain, time to call out the rainmakers. Your house looks so lovely!

  7. Red Belt! :O

    Love it!

    Polka Shirt LOVE IT!
    And the bracelet is very Lanvin.Style :) Love it!

  8. The bangle is really pretty and I also adore the blouse! Very Nice!

  9. I'm sorry about the water restrictions, I hope rain is back soon there in your island!

    And you looked stunning as always, the trousers and the shirt are beautiful and suit you very well!

  10. Hey!! your outfit remind me a sailor!...jeje...how have you been?..I'm back to the blog...there's a lot of things i want to do!!...

    But tell me about you...is everything ok?

    Hugs!! Kisses!!

  11. We have plenty of rain here :(...maybe too much of a good thing? Your outfit looks french somehow...cute! I love your house!

    I went to Sephora today...will tell more about it soon :)

    x Grayburn

  12. i love your white pants, i wore mine through australia & dubai, they're a traveler's best friends, and look amazing on you!!!

  13. Very navy!Like it!And love your house!

  14. i love ure bracelet, its really stylish....ive noticed ure husband has very good taste

  15. yess google it!

    and if you find out anything let me know!
    if you want to know anything about it... i can ask my maid. she always wants to tell me about kazakhstan haha.

    thankss :)
    i like your blog as well!

  16. goodness. i've never seen such lovely bracelet before. =]

  17. So bad about the water situation, please let us knows how's everything. You look really good..love the belt :)


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