Monday, 15 September 2008

aw… it’s already the 400th…

Here I am with my 400th post… it hasn’t been a year yet that I made my first post.

Also yesterday my blog reached the 25.000 hits, according to the report below.

So I want to thank all my dear readers and blogging friends for the role that each and everyone had in the path I’ve been doing.

I thank the comments, I thank the friendship, I thank the support.

And now let’s celebrate!!!!!

Celebrate for me means: chocolate cake (even better if with some nuts), a good wine (preferably red) and some music, in this case Suede – “She’s in Fashion” (do you think it appropriated?)


  1. congratulations!

    that's quite an achievement isn't it??

  2. Wow, amazing. My glass of wine this evening will be raised in honour of your accomplishment!

  3. congrats!

    I hope there will be the next 400 posts ;)

    kisses melmo

  4. Congratulations my dear :)

  5. Parabéns!

    Fiquei preocupada com o teu estado de saúde, e acho que deves parar um pouco, se tal for mesmo necessário! A saúde em 1.º lugar!


  6. Wow that's amazing, Seeker! Congrats!

    I am enjoying your cake and red wine right now and wishing you well; rest up like the MD said :)


  7. You have given us so much in the last 400 posts and then you give us chocolate, red wine and music. You are the best. Congratulations, Seeker!! I look forward to 400 more!!

  8. congrats! and I like how you celebrate!

  9. Congrats dear Seeker, hope you have been getting some rest, I too will drink a glass of wine and toast you tonight:)

  10. congrats, darling! the chocolate cake looks fantastic!

  11. You can always translate websites with google

    its obviously not the best/correct English a computer can generate, but usually you get the meaning of it.

    Works for you, yes/no?

  12. congratulations!! :D
    so happy for you! :)

  13. congrat, i will take a slice of the cake. : )
    rest well.

  14. Congrats! Your posts are allways great!
    I want a piece of that cake! Looks delicious!

  15. congratulations! here's to 400 more.

  16. Congratulations - it is hard work so well done and what a shame the cake can't be eaten virtually!

  17. Congratulations!
    I am still on 7up and antibiotics, but I will toast you with Chocfudge icecream instead.
    To many many more.

  18. 400 already!!!
    my jaw fell open.

    Congratulations and thank you for being with us

  19. oh, I forgot, I passed you the closeness award too

  20. Congratulations, Seeker! I've been with you a long time, and have seen many of those 400 posts. I'm so happy for you!

    (mmmmmm, chocolate cake.)

  21. Hi my dearest, congratulations!! it's a great job you're doing :)
    I actually deleted my blog, but you can follow me on Start Acting Now.
    I'll be having a new one as soon as I'll have more time for myself and more time to dedicate to it.

    btw, are you maybe on facebook? :)
    a big big hug

  22. You can keep the cake! I'll just take me some of that red wine!

    Congrats hun for your news. I do hope you are on the road for a full recovery though :) My thoughts are still with you :)

    Lol, you made me smile when i read that i had made YOU smile hehehe.

    And about the blogroll.... i'm still kinda confused. But you did manage to make things make a little more sense lol. Eek, i'll get there eventually. I still don't know how to make links within my posts! :) I am a complete newbie...well...kinda :P

  23. congratulations!
    thank you for your comment! its so nice from you!
    right you are! my new class is so funny and all the pupils are very nice to me. sadly my friends are not in my class although i´m very very happy :)
    thanks for your comment it helped very much!
    i hope you have an wonderful day too!

    i think it would not be amiss when i put a translator into my site but i don´t now where i can get it.. do you know if offers a translator?

  24. Have a nice rest! take care and congratulations for your blog!

    Beijo meu ♥,

    A Elite

  25. Congratulations! Your prolific posting puts me to shame.

  26. Wow, you are an amazing blog so you should be getting that many hits or MORE!! Hope you are feeling betternow.. *big hug

  27. Dear Seeker, meu Deus, que emocao ao ler o teu comentario no meu cantinho. Estas na minha lista de links (que nao é visivel a olho nu hahaha). Ja te sigo ha dois meses e adoro o teu blog e nunca tinha tido a coragem de comentar... I didn't feel at your level, I dunno how to explain, and today I did it because I saw you were sick and I wanted to share some kind words.

    Now I am like a groupie who had a message from her Idol :) hahahaha

    Obrigada! e de novo, desejo melhoras!

    Até breve,

    Beijo meu ♥,

    A Elite

    PS: reposted, reloaded :)))

  28. Congratulations!!!
    You are amazing!

    a kiss!!!

  29. Red wine and chocolate cake, let's celebrate!
    Congratulations sister, I'm proud of you!

  30. Congratulations :)

    its amazing! :)

    Cna i have a slice of cake plzzzz?

  31. Congratulations on the fabulous milestones!!!

  32. 400...congratulations...woo hoo. I can't believe it, I haven't even clocked up 300 so I'm sooooo far behind you. big xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  33. congrats hun...the blog is fab!

    and im happy for u and that cake looks tantalizing


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