Sunday, 28 September 2008


When I started blogging I’ve done it as a way of express myself and gain confidence, to express my life philosophy, some of my ideals and thoughts. Besides it was a way of seeing me as if I was someone else, in a different perspective from the one in the mirror, trying to accept myself and also as my blog’s name says, searching the inner me. A small part of me, however, was selfishly hoping for affirmation, seeking validation and engagement with others.
As a person interested in fashion I also chose to speak about it as a part of me since my youth times. So I’ve begun to explain my ideas of daywear, showing myself. I was conscious that the way I was making my blog was going to provoke some polemic in my community. And in fact I’ve some negative criticism, still I’ve continued until today.

Today I feel I must put some questions, regarding this blog issue.

Have I improve myself for writing this blog as a person or/and in my look?
Do I have a fashion style?
If I have it, did I improve it?
Did my ideas help someone?
Did I make someone feel more confident with my fashion sense?
Did it worth to expose myself, renouncing my privacy?
Did it worth being like a D. Quixote, fighting windmills?

Maybe I’m putting in doubt all those things because my inner force it’s a bit down and I’m tired of fighting.

But one thing I’m so sure, I’ve made a lot of friends that through this time supported me with their kind words. And that I must thank.



  1. Hey Seeker
    I personally started following your blog not too long ago, however i must confess that i did look at your first posts from you started your blog, and all i have to say about these questions you pose is:

    you looooook fabulous ( not that you looked bad when you started), but you look more confident and jovial. your style is amazing, and yes it improved from when you started. I'm sure a lot of women look at your blog and feel that they too can have that confidence and happiness you express.
    i don't think you are renouncing your privacy being that most of your readers only know what you allow them to know about you. and about criticism, there will always be people who will try to bring you down for one reason or another. you are only responsible for yourself and of making yourself happy. your life should be a temple of self expression and you are free to do what ever makes you happy. so if someone is getting upset about you having a blog maybe they are just jealous you look a lot better and happier then they do. As long as you are happy..... more power to you. and i think people who complain about your blog and how you choose to express yourself thru writing then they have a choice not to follow your blog. this is why " this is your blog" its your world you rule and you control it.

    love your blog keep up the great work, you are truly an inspiration.


  2. Well I've gotta say your have excellent style and you write fab posts that I (and so many others) love to read. So sorry you're having a down moment, Seeker. Keep with it though. The moment will pass and your blog friends love having you around!

  3. Hi Seeker

    I have only been reading your blog for a week, but I find you very inspiring. And there's obviously a lot of blog-love for you in the community! :)

    It can be difficult sometimes, exposing yourself to such an extent. I sometimes have down moments about my blog too, and wonder if I should delete it or just stop posting pictures of myself - it can make you feel quite vulnerable. But I think you bring a lot of inspiration and joy to a lot of people. As morphine lips said above, if people don't like it, they don't have to read it!

    I hope you feel better soon. I love your style :)

    Andrea xxx

  4. A couple of years ago, a couple of people did the worst to me on my blog, on the internet and on my personal life! I think I was guilty because I had let them enter my life, but truth is that when we are weak, we think we can get help from everybody. And that just ain't true. I was looking for signs of God on Megabytes...

    You are much older than me, and you do not get fooled around as easily as I have been in the past. Today, all my equilibrium is at home, with my work and boyfriend, and before, my only life were my virtual friends.

    You have your husband, your work, your life, and a fantastic heart, that is careful with its problems!

    You will find a/the way :)

    Beijo meu ♥,

    A Elite

  5. well, everyone's got a unique style. no matter you improve or not, you're still the Seeker who's well known as the Queen of Colors.

    and i agree, you got a lot of friends here, and i think that's the most important. kudos to you. =]

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  7. Sorry to hear you're feeling blue...

    I personally find that you have a very friendly personality. Through your posts and your pictures I perceive you as a classy woman with exquisite taste and a big heart. Also, your comments are very kind.

    There will always be people who will try to make less of you. Even the greatest people (Mahatma Gandhi, the Dalai Lama, etc.) have haters. The trick is to keep going anyway.

    When you put yourself out there .... some people, they will start talking..... no big deal.

    The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about at all.

  8. Your blog is fabulous and you have excellent style

  9. Hi S* !
    Well i think i support every single comment in this post!

    You are unique and you dress fabulous!

    No need to feel down today :)
    or any other day !

  10. For me your one of the most kindest and most interesting bloggers in the www. I love your colorful style and innovative dressing... and the way you express your thoughts. You don'T follow trends too much and make every piece you wear looking really unique. And I get to know a little bit about the person behind the computer. I love this.

  11. Continue com o blog.
    Não ligue aos outros.
    Estamos aqui sempre ao seu lado ;)

  12. Seeker I luv you!!! The support & encouragement that you've given to me is priceless indeed! You have your own individual style...since you know my blog by now...Fashion is fun but life is more than's always the most simple thing in life that can bring us joy... Happiness is truly a temporary thing, but joy is eternal... I've come to this world with nothing & one day I'll leave with more of things of the spirit instead of materials...(don't get me wrong, they r fun, but at the end, I still feel hungry...til I feed my spirit w God's love, only then I'm full & satisfied...contented!)

    Peace luv!!!

  13. Dear Seeker. I can very much relate to most of the things you write of. I've grown up incredibly self conscious and aware with low self esteem trying to find some affirmation from people. This is the main reason why i started blogging :)

    I'm glad you enjoyed that small 'video' lol i just thought it would be a bit of fun and hopefully rile up some happiness in people. I hope you feel better now and less sad. You're a wonderful woman. I want you to know that :)

    Btw YOU'RE THE FIRST LINK!!! If you don't mind participating could you please send me your POSTAL address with POSTCODE via my email! I'd really like to see your interpretation!

  14. Most definitely you have inspired me and helped me with your ideas. Many of your posts got me to think about issues important in our world today. I think it's not correct to say if you have improved on or have fashion style. It is something that is unique to you and nobody should be the judge of you. I understand this fact about connecting and needing affirmation (as I do the same on my blog). Funny that I was just writing almost the same thing on my blog as it is approaching its 1-year anniversary. These are also things I'm thinking about...

    x Grayburn

  15. You are an amazing blogger; I first fell in love with your incredible style. You seem like you have a great personality and that sometimes rubs off on your writing and posts
    I look forward to reading more of your beautiful work



  16. oh dear, you are such a sweetheart! i like your blog and your style! but what i really love is your fanstastic personality! you know how to make people happy if they're down and you always make me smile when i read your nice comments!!


  17. You're having a downer. I do get that all the time. One thing I get told by my guy every time I get in the 'down' state is that I'm the same person. That same person with super style, intelligence, humour and love. After reading just some of your posts I can confidently say that you're all that and more.

    Tomorrow is another day as the movie 'You the living' says. I'm having a rotten time myself. Really but we carry on. Blogs must go on. Can I say that? :)

  18. You have a distinct style, it's consistent but you tweak it all the time, and your knack with adding color inspires me daily!

  19. I understand your doubst, dear, but I think your blog is so wonderful to read for lots of people.
    Your style is fantastic and your reports are great.
    Me, and a lot of other readers love to read your blog and I hope your doubts will fade away!

    kisses melmo

  20. great post! i do enjoy finding so many inspiring ppl with similar fashion interests.. and everyone is so nice and encouraging!

  21. I've only recently began visiting your blog site... but I'm already thinking how amazing it is, the style, the chances, the perspective!

  22. Doubts are normal. However, there are doubts that are not own---they are someone else's that we have taken on. I know there are times that I can ask myself questions and I can trust myself to give honest and balanced answer. There are other times when depression makes me an untrustworthy person to judge myself. In those times I judge myself harshly. I just want to ask you if you are being a little tough on yourself.

    I don't think it is at all selfish to want affirmation,validation and engagement. You give all of those things daily and I hope you feel all of us giving them back to you.

    I feel sure that you have many more supporters, fans and encouraging friends than you have critics. Sometimes one negative word sticks with us more than the 100 positive ones.

    As to your questions, those are for you to answer. I will just say that I love your blog, your courage, and all that your presence adds to internet.
    Lots of hugs and much love.

  23. If you must leave, do so on your own terms. While I haven't read your blog every day I do know many who do, and who have been influenced by your presence.

  24. Hi dear... It's me again...
    Just want to check if you are doing better now... hope so really do... remember what you told me;
    take time to smell the roses!
    Blessings to you luv!

  25. Não te deixes ir abaixo, mulher!

    Tenta fazer disto um simples hobby, e não te procupes demasiado com o que as pessoas pensam. Pessoalmente, admiro-te o estilo e a coragem por te expores quase diariamente.

    Força e um beijinho,


  26. Seeker, I've been with you a long time, and it sure seems to me that over that time, you have earned an emphatic "yes" to all your questions.

    I can see why you might be tired; there are special circumstances. However, your energy revs the rest of us up, and we value your contribution and positive energy.

    Thank you for your work, effort, and light.

  27. I've only been reading your blog for a week or so and I must say its great. You always look stylish.

    cheer up :)

  28. Your words honestly make me feel so much better about myself. I'm sorry to hear about the office gossip but please do not let that hinder your progress and creativity. This is coming from experience last year where literally every weekend for 2 months i flew back home so i could excape them.

    Anyway i just wanted to say that i'm absolutely glad Beckett picked you out first. You have no obligation to partake though if you'd rather not :) If you do though could you send me your address again? It seems to not have passed through onto my email account :( If you go to 'View my complete profile' and click on 'contact me' you'll be zipped off to my email :)

    Gosh that was long and rather tedious :( Have a splendifirous day!!! :)

  29. Dear, I think that you found a lot of new friends and your style is impeccable ))) love the way you combine colours and accessories! You are a very positive person and I visit your blog very often and even more than often when I am under the weather, because it is so sunny here :-)

    Hugs from Angel

  30. Oh God! the Seeker! no no no! I didn't mean it in that way at all! I meant: you have much more experience, maturity than I had/have to deal with problems. What is important for me today can be just a little detail for you! please, do not get me wrong!!! ;)))

    Beijo meu ♥,

    A Elite

  31. I don't know if I can add anything that hasn't been said! Anyway, you are the one who can really ponder how much is this worth. The questions you proposed yourself are very good, but I think it's missing if you have felt joy while blogging about thoughts and fashion altogether. Sometimes we forget how important is to have a good time! :)

  32. This is your older sister, now...
    Look at all the support you are getting from your friends, carry on and show them your true colors...
    All that matters is your happiness!
    We love your style,your personality,your courage.
    We love you just the way you are!
    Don't let anyone robe you of your freedom,if anyone has any negative
    comments, I can only say that it is "dores de cotovelos".
    Don't make them more important than they really are...invejosos!

  33. I hear you
    I get annoying comments on a regular basis, at first it use to bother me I always wanted to quit but the stronger you are the less you will find that it will bother you. Your blog is great and a wonderful extention of yourself I kow it's hard at times but you have to keep doing the things that make you happy.

    a lot of love,


  34. i think that your blog is amazing, and you are amazing for running it. negative comments are always hurtful- but why let people make you doubt what you love? it is so obvious that you love fashion (and YES you are fashionable! AMAZINGLY so!) and i love reading what you write, you do it so well. don't let anyone stop you from doing something you enjoy & something that makes you happy.


  35. I have definitely noticed you grow and blossom since I started reading your blog quite a while ago, your style is gorgeous, bright and bold, and it's lovely to see you experiment with your different outfits. I think you have a definite style of your own, the way you combine bold, bright colours with dark or plain colours, your accessories etc You have inspired me to buy a couple of bright tops that I usually wouldn't have got, and to wear bright accessories sometimes. It seems to me that your confidence has also grown, especially in your photo's which are fab!!!! I know it might be difficult for you at times, and is easier to say than do, but if you enjoy blogging, if you get somehing positive out of it, you should carry on, it's about what you think. As the saying goes, you can't please all of the people all of the time - so do what pleases you, and what makes you happy. My best friend and I often have this type of conversation here - we give eachother encouragement and tell eachother not to waste time worrying what we think people might be thinking about us.

  36. Yes to all of the above. I literally started wearing belts after watching you work them into your daily looks. I also get so much color inspiration from you. Keep those posts coming!

  37. Dear Seeker, you should pay no attention to comments coming from jealous and bored people, their only intention is to make everybody invisible so that they're not the only ones. I'm glad that you are still able to see the reasons that pushed you to start this path from the beginning!


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