Saturday, 20 September 2008

feeling confined…

In the past few days I started feeling the need to post some deeper thoughts. I started to feel that I have a zillion things to say and that I have no way to tell them, because I’m unable to express myself, I can’t communicate them in an understandable manner for my readers.
And why, because I’m no English native and I have a blog that is written in English.
It might sound surreal, but when I began blogging I decided that I would do it in English and I explained my reasons.
Since I started I think I’ve improved my English, engaging vocabularies, but not as much as necessary for some issues.
Well, my most elaborated posts are made in a text processor with my dictionary by my side and then pasted on blogger. This takes me so much time.
I don’t need that to my simple posts fortunately, for that my language skills are enough.
But I think my comments could be better because some ideas that may be very valid and important can become obscured by the difficulties to be expressed in the language employed. Not to mention the misspellings I do, since I have no time to be always looking in the dictionary.
Also language can reflect the environment, people’s lives, customs, and values people hold. When people communicate with others, they do not only select words and form sentences but also make cultural choices.
Each language has its own genius and is particularly able to express some kind of concepts and less able to express others.
So if even people who have good language proficiency may misinterpret the cultural signals, leading to confusion and misunderstanding without the support of cultural knowledge, what can I say?

Confined but not closed I will keep trying to express myself.


  1. yeah, I understand you. But you nave to keep expressing yourself.

  2. Most of the time I forget english isn't your native language...hell, your written english is better than a lot of other bloggers - and english IS their native language. xxxx

  3. No one is ever going to be perfect hee..!This is what I always think;
    Accept that despite all the logic, our mind'll be troubled by this stuff from time to time. This is quite natural & can't be resisted.Whatever it is,
    I think you are simply marvelous!!


  4. I think you're doing a great job. Your comments are always sincere and very thoughtful. *Big Hugs*

  5. Keep it up Sis... I am always with you.

  6. You do a fantastic job, Seeker. I can't even begin to imagine writing in Portuguese...

  7. you should be congratulated for doing everything in english.
    i can only imagine how time consuming it is.

    i completely agree in regards to the cultural barrier.

    very deep post.
    sometimes i want to write deeper things but i am unsure if i should or not.

  8. I have nothing but admiration for people who learn to speak foreign languages. Most Americans can only speak English...
    I find it very easy to understand your posts, by the way.

  9. Dear Seeker - even with Eng as your second language I still get a great deal of satisfaction out of reading your words. I love to visit this blog just as it is. Keep it up if I tuned in one day and the seeker was gone I couldnt cope. love love love it xfrancis

  10. That is an issue that several multicultural/multilingual couples find. They know enough of one's language (or any other common language they share) but sometimes it isn't enough to go deep on feelings and thoughts...

    I loved your posts... and I would never imagine you'd be using a dictionary sometimes!

    I should do the same, my portuguese is sometimes poor (and let's not talk of the lacks of accents, lol, I have an AZERTY).

    Beijo meu ♥,

    A Elite

  11. Oh S!
    I happen to feel just like you, from a while back i have been trying to update my blog 100% in english the reason of that is cuz i need to write in a language most of the world would understand me! but sometimes i get stuck and end up posting just images because i happen to be very insecure about my english skill so i rather not posting anything than posting something misspelled :)

    Have a nice Sunday S :D

  12. well.. I didn't even realise English was a second language for you. I find blogging is a good avenue to get my thoughts out there whether is fashion/style related or not. I found a lot of comfort from other bloggers that way.

    about the post on purple/red.. please don't feel that way.. if I come across something similar I always link back. It wasn't because of what you mentioned. :)
    Being 'linky' is my motto in blogging anyhow.

  13. Geez Peach,

    you honestly don't need to apologise. Infact ti had no clue you weren't a native english speaker until you'd mentioned it in your reply. I would even go as far as say that: You were like totally like more clearer that i could like make my speech like make any sense in like every like way!! Like TOTALLY!!! lol

    Don't feel insecure about the pants. You remind me so much of a friend i met. Shes an older women whom doesn't shun leather pants, purple fur hats and high waisted sand-b;asted jeans. And she's really rockin and oh so cool! HOW you carry yourself is what truly matters hun :)

    We should really keep these short huh?

    With that said... Buh Bye :P

  14. I can't read Portuguese, but I am guessing that maybe the reason you write so well in English, is because of the consideration you give it. I always get a sense of what you are saying on an instinctive level - my left brain, before my right brain has even finished processing the language.
    As for misspellings, it is easy for a native english speaker to click on the spell check and correct these in a document. I also need to google and use the thesaurus when writing as my "Mumnesia" brain knows the word I want, but cannot remember it and I won't settle for an alternative.

    Whereas I find I get a better sense of a word you are using to express a feeling, however you spell it. And sometimes when you are blending it with another, that sounds and looks similar - It has more truth. It adds to my vocabulary. I also love it when you are translating a phrase or idiom into english. Other languages can be so much more pictorial and evocative; or sometimes by contrast more direct. And I enjoy that.
    I really like your writing seeker and I think as I am too old to learn Portuguese fluently, I hope you keep going in English. For my own selfish need.

  15. I know exactly what you mean!
    that's my problem, too.
    I can write the simple things but I can't really express what I really mean.
    And the misunderstandings..yeah that's a big problem... I read an article about it... even american and english people have a different culture although they speak the same language... that's so difficult!

    kisses melmo

  16. It's true, totally mastering a language is something really difficult, and I think you must live it if you want to achieve it. Somehow having a blog where you express yourself in English makes it closer, and I think that trying to express your ideas, though tough in the beginning, will teach you how to do it! So try on :)

  17. some people sucks !! do not waste your time for bad comments or mean one !!! go to hell fellas

  18. Language can link us together, and language can distance us from each other. The ideas behind your posts come through loud and clear, though, and your intention is always clear: positivity.

  19. I would never have known unless you told me - are you thinking keeping quiet is a good option?! No of course not - keep writing!!

  20. I am amazed at the nuance and humour and even pun you manage in ENglish. I fear no matter how hard I studies I could never master a language the way you have English.

    I hope that you do not stop yourself, I hope you expand your posts to express whatever you are feeling. I think you underestimate your ability to communicate. Please give it a try. I would love to hear whatever you have to say in whatever way you say it.

  21. woot. i'm blogging because i'm practicing my english, too. coz i wasn't really good at that before, you know.

    nobody's perfect. but practice makes perfect so keep expressing yourself/ourselves. ^^

  22. I totally understand this point. My native language isn't english either and my native tongue has much more expressive and deeper expressions than english does. But please keep trying because for my selfish reasons, I enjoy reading your posts too much :)

    x hugs

  23. Hi dear! I've been thinking about you so I thought I'd stop by and see how you are doing!

    I know, it's so frustrating not mastering a language completely! I think you're doing a great job though, so keep it up!

    Many hugs


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