Sunday, 14 September 2008


Inspiration comes to us slowly and quietly…prime it with a little solitude.

~ Brenda Ueland

I get inspiration from many sources.

Certain people are inspirational. One doesn't have to be a public figure to be inspirational. Ordinary people have that ability to inspire. It could be your partner, a co-worker or a favourite person in the family, a blogging buddy, etc.

It could also come from other sources. For me, I get a lot of inspiration from books, music, painting, movies, some landscapes, or a great speaker. Spiritual leaders can inspire.

What inspires you?

Is there someone you can call at any time to get that extra spark to keep you going? Or someone who can offer you just the right advice to keep you on the right path?

Do you inspire others? What does that look like? Maybe you inspire without knowing it.

Think about it.


  1. profound.

    i get inspired by my family
    but im having big family problems at the moment so its hard.

  2. your post is fantastic and that we shpuld think about it is good!

    I know that. I have so many different inspration sources. I love reading blogs so most of the time the bloggers inspire me

    Although I love reading magazines and other newspapers, they inspire me too. But I get a lot of inspration from other sources.

    kisses melmo

  3. God is the one who inspires me. and my family. i won't be able to get going without them.

    I'm not sure if I inspire somebody else. though sometimes i heard from some of the people who are close to me that they want to follow my footstep. because they really think i'm a success. it's a good feeling though but i'm not too proud of it. =]

  4. oh i forgot to say, love this post. ^^

  5. Bob Geldof. Seriously. Whenever I have flagged in my campaigning, I re-read his biography "Is That It?"
    The guy made Live Aid with no more than a few contacts in the music industry, an industry that he wasn't doing to well in at that time; and sheer force of will combined with an ability to talk his way through, around and over any obstacle that was thrown up.

    Most Irish People whinge and begrudge the success of their own, and Bob is no exception. But that just gives me more reason to love him.

    I also read a book about the Ashoka Movement "How to Change the World" which explains the Ashoka principles and gives examples of social entrepenuers.

    And of course my fellow bloggers and sploggies and floggies all inspire me daily too.

  6. I like this post, it makes you look to your inside and think...

    I believe that inspiration is an ability of the one who gets it, because he/she is able to see something more than what is just plain.

    I don't know if anyone gets inspiration from me, but finding it myself is something I wasn't used to and lately I'm working on that :)

  7. My sister is a constant source of inspiration. So is my hubbo.

  8. yeah i agree with the other, that post is inspiring

  9. Lovely post Seeker! I don't have any specific sources of inspiration, really. Every aspect of life can be inspirational in some way, you just have to keep your mind open. Oh, and the first photo is stunning!

    I hope you'll feel better soon darling. Take care :)

  10. I'm inspired by a multitude of things but walking through the cit on a warm winding day is when it's at its best!

  11. Thanx for the visite on my blog! :) If you like the nice pictures, can those watch at me... :) from the end of april :) take care. best wishs, mk:)

  12. interesting...
    I got inspiration from many sources. I think is important to get the best from any situation. To learn and enjoy!

  13. So many things inspire me. Today I am inspired by the thoughtfulness of a seeking friend, the beauty of literature, and the possibilities that tomorrow contains. A beautiful and inspiring post. I love the sense of pondering the question I am left with as I leave your page.

  14. Good post to think about. The beach inspire to me such as a Hellinger´s book or magazins fashion. Things and experiencies inspire to me better than people.

  15. Such thought-provoking questions. I believe inspiration is all around us.

  16. I am inspired by colors, shapes, smells and textures and when those around me put all these things together, the result is phenomenal. That is why a blogger like you inspire me every day. I love this post. Take care my good friend and don't worry about not visiting blogs.

    x Grayburn

  17. I love the first picture on this post!!!

  18. Get well soon dear..

    We miss your lovely outfits...


  19. inspiration comes from everywhere it seems. octopus.. birds why not. hope this week is as inspiring as any...

  20. This post is an inspiration!
    My sister allways inspires me! And my kids too!


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