Friday, 26 September 2008

Today's Outfit - 09/26

Mixing new pieces with old ones.

I think vests are great clothes’ pieces to this Fall weather.

purple snake skin shoes - H&M
olive pants - local store
gray vest - H&M
orange shirt - Vero Moda
plaid scarf - Stradivarius
lipstick - Gerlain
perfume - Noa from Cacharel


  1. Vests are great , but why do you look so sad

  2. Ok, i love your purple snake shoes! :)

    and that vest!

    I especially love the last two pictures! There is something going on with that expression and the clothes that make me love the pictures :)

  3. Luv the 'HERMES' orange dear...
    hope you are feeling good as I the moment. on the floor you look a little sad... Whatever it is, hope everything will be brighter than your lovely-lovely orange top!

    ~Blessings as always*

  4. i took out all my vest too. luckily i did not donate them all.

  5. Amazing how the shawl and the shoes give it an edge -- love it.

  6. Oh, sweets, get off the floor. Dust yourself off and get a hug from Mr. Seeker. I send you a hug too. But you look so very sad that I think you need a real one.
    The orange and green are very pretty together.
    Hugs and kisses.xoxo

  7. So many colours and you look so grey... Is it because you're tired? I hope you cheer up as soon as you wake up tomorrow in the morning, the weekend is here! :)

  8. I love this vest look on you. Your autumn looks are very inspired.

    I hope you have a relaxing weekend! It looks like you could use a hug.

  9. I love how you look in the second picture!

  10. "why so serious?" (Joker, "Dark Knight")

    Beijo meu ♥,

    A Elite

  11. Oh, everyones mentioning that you're looking sad :( Hope you're not. At any rate i think you look very beautiful!

    Keep yourself safe and happy k? :)

  12. I'm loving the purple shoes. They are very cool.

  13. Beautiful vest! And love the scarf!

  14. orange and purple !! risky mix

  15. ~Happy Sunday to you dear...I need a favor, please help me to congratulate my "contest" winner...make someone feel very special indeed! her link is provided in my blog.Thanks a million dear...

    you & Mr Seeker have a blessed week ahead...

  16. hey
    this is franziska from strawberries and cream
    thankyou so much for your congratulations and I'm glad you like my blog!
    I love you're outfit it totally rocks!

    love franziska

  17. love the wonderful orange shirt!
    perfect combination. and nice pictures!

    kisses melmo

  18. Cool tile? It looks like my aunts in San Jose. Hers appears to look Terra Cota, and it is quite cool to the touch.

    Rest well and take care.

  19. I adore what you're wearing. I hope that once I reach your age I look as good.

  20. Of course you have style! You are an example to all of us to stay up to date with the latest styles, but to do it with your own personality visible; No "off the rack" look for you.

    If you are feeling sad, look at your shoes. You always wear such fabulous shoes they will make you smile.
    And spray some extra Noa on your scarf so you can check it when you need reminding how sweet you are.

  21. is this the first time i've seen your olive pants? wow. that's really cool.

  22. vests can always just be the finishing touch to many outfits!


  23. The poses are fab and I love the tile floors.

  24. I love that vest. :) And the color combination is really good!

  25. You look a bit sad here
    cheer up, you are wearing the cutest shoes!


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