Thursday, 4 September 2008

my wish came true…

Since I saw Prada’s Fall 2008 Ready to Wear collection that I fall in love with lace.
I used to think that all lace clothes were just meant for elder aunts to wear in those boring weddings.
But then I changed my mind and in my wish list there was at the top “a black lace dress”.

Fall 2008 Ready-to-Wear

Some days ago I saw one at “our” Mango store. I liked it very much. But I didn’t buy it, I didn’t even try it since shopping season if off until Christmas (just can be open to buy the oxfords).

But today Hubby made me a huge surprise. He bought me THE DRESS….
Here is the picture… I think it’s gorgeous. And I’m going to wear it at the office too.

And it came with an extra gift, this lovely blouse with a bow and some ruffles that Hubby also bought.

So… what can I say about Hubby?
Hubby is a true Santa Claus… making wishes come true.

Thank you Love


  1. Your husband is a prize. :)

  2. Come join the ANTM (Cycle 11) Chat! Read the latest MY Fashion Frenzy post. Spill it! Which girl got on YOUR nerves? Which girl is YOUR #1?

  3. What a nice present!
    is x-mas early this year?

    hahaha :)

    Love the dress, and the shirt is lovely and bebebeautifull(8)

  4. Wow!It really looks Prada!Love it

  5. Hey Seeker! I must say, hubby did good! The dress is beautiful and that blouse is a fabulous bonus! I can't wait to see how you wear them.

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment darling! I've decided to keep the shoes the way they are. Have a great day :)

  6. love your new blouse )

  7. wow. such a great hubby you got. and those dress and blouse as well. nice nice. ^^

  8. What a sweetheart!! I love the dress and the blouse will be fantastic on you. I cannot wait to see how you style it!

  9. ove your dress and your blouse is amazing!
    I hope you will show a pictures on you soon!

    kisses melmo

  10. Your husband is a darling sweetheart. That dress is so lovely. I think it is nicer than prada. I think Mango are more feminine. Is it the Penelope Cruz collections?
    What shoes are you thinking of? And what color tights?

  11. I am so excited for you, Seeker! That dress looks absolutely exquisite!!


  12. So sweet of Hubby and so fashion too!!! I love the blouse, i am really searching for a great blouse with a a good price, of course!

    a kiss!!!

  13. lucky gal. i still really still on the fence about lace though. maybe if i try it i will feel differently.

  14. That's so sweet of your husband to surprise you with these really beautifull clothes!
    That dress is so beautifull, I want it myself! Need to go and check out Mango soon :) and I can't wait to see when you wear it!

  15. Hubby must be an amazing guy! Lucky you!

  16. Girl, you got spoiled and have a great hubby there :) I was eyeing one like that in Zara...I was also afraid of the autie dress thing so I didn't get it. I bought a cute top in pink instead!

    a great weekend to you!

  17. see dreams do come true...:)xxxx

  18. What I nice surprise, you have a good husband!

  19. How caring!! That says a lot about him!! :)

    About the dress, my mom bought a tee with a little bit of lace that I liked... I can't really see myself wearing a lot of lace yet, I'm not sure if I would like it or not... Time will tell!

    Lovely blouse, by the way!!

  20. I must say that i absolutely love love love lace!! and i loved that particular prada collection aswell.

    winter xx

  21. What a totally fabulous dress, can't wait to see you wear it!


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