Sunday, 21 September 2008

"No time to lose!"

'No time to lose!' is the theme for World Alzheimer's Day - 21 September 2008.

September 21, has been designated at World Alzheimer’s Day, when activities focus on world awareness of Alzheimer’s disease. Ultimately this awareness should result in more research and recognition that with an increasing number of people reaching the “Alzheimer’s age,” we will see more need for care of those stricken and support for their families.

There are an estimated 24 million people around the world who currently have dementia, of which Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause.

Unfortunately there were no events here.
But I’ve tried to make this day brighter to our Alzheimer’s family member, Mother.


  1. Seeker: It must be incredibly hard to have a loved one with such an awful disease. I hope that awareness days like this will result in the funding to make Alzheimer's a thing of the past. Kxo

  2. Thank you! Awareness & support is always needed... Education/information is always POWER!


  3. Thanks for letting us all know about this.

    Your mother is lucky to have you.


  4. My beloved grandmother suffered with alzhemier's for almost 20 years and it was soooo hard on her, us, and all that loved her. I hope and pray that someday there is a cure.
    Love to you, your mother and all that care for her.

  5. My mind is with you know. I hope you find the courage to support and encourage your mother :)

    Its very nice to see people creating a larger awareness. I volunteer with people whom have Down Syndrome, Alzeimerrs and various other mental disabilities so can empathise with you.

    Chin up deary :) And thankyou :)

  6. God bless you and your mother. i think my hubby's grandma who's living with us got alzheimer's disease, too.

    anyway, i'm good. i just have to deal with some issues in the office that's why i only got back today. thanks. i hope everything's well with you, too. =]

  7. Best wishes for the Seeker's mother. My thought is with you.

    Great to know that it's a world day not just for your country alone. :)

  8. Awareness and support are the most ismportant things!
    and i agree that knowledge is power!

  9. i love your song.
    i downloaded it : )

    its very sad.

    best wishes.

  10. that's so sad...
    and so terrible that so many people have Alzheimer!

    hope you'll have a good day!
    kisses melmo

  11. i hope you are fine, best wishes goes out to you

    thanks for educating mem and take cre


  12. I hope the purpose of this day will be fulfilled soon :)

  13. Luckily no-one I know had Alzheimers.
    At least your mum has you, =]

  14. Hey Seeker just checking in to say hi, and hope you are well. Very interesting about feathers bringing bad luck - I had never heard that superstition before!


  15. I had no idea it was World Alzheimer’s day on Sunday. I think the organising committee will need help to get more publicity next year. I am sure you have ideas to put into place for that Seeker. It is a good motto "no time to lose".

    I am proud to say that I rang home on Sunday and had a good talk to Grandma who told me all about her trip to Maroochydore with "Forever Young" tours. I spoke to Gramps but he is a bit deaf so doesnt talk long but he is doing well. They are both very precious to me.

    I'm sure your Mum was very happy to see you again.

  16. Much love to your family. My dear grandmother suffered from alzheimer's in the last years of her life, and it was such a struggle.

  17. keep on, my girl

    Tons of love!!!


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