Monday, 8 September 2008

Today's Outfit - 09/08

Today I’m very simple.

I’m getting bored with Spring/Summer clothes. Fall/Winter can be much more creative, with layering, tights and so on…

This morning I received my Vogue, can you imagined the effort I’ve made not to read it in the office.

So, for now, I’m going to have a look at it... ;)

pink shoes - Aldo
white pencil skirt - Zara
green blouse - Shop 1One
bracelet - Tie Rack (gift from Hubby)
necklace - mainland store
lipstick - Guerlain
perfume - Noa from Cacharel


  1. In photo #1 I bet you are on the phone with Vogue magazine and they are asking if you will come to work for them as a stylist. Am I right?

    Love your dark air with the vibrant green.

  2. i love your high waisted skirt ! it's fab and sex !! u should wear a transparent top with it !!

  3. ahh thanks for all that information!!

    and great outfit!

  4. Brilliant photos - you convayed your attempts very well! Gorgeous green blouse.

  5. Adoro a tua camisa - e fica muito bem sobre o branco da saia!


  6. I expect ALOT of effort was made to not read that mag in your office lol. I like the mis of lime green with pretty pink pumps. It works really well especially since you've dampened their contrast with the white pencil skirt. Oh, you look so lovely!

    Thankyou for passing by. It truly was an experience i can't really faithfully recount but i'm sure you understand the feeling.

    I will very much be keeping in touch! :)

  7. Lovely green shirt. Nice skirt as well.

  8. Sorry, but she was on the phone with me!

  9. Or you're on the phone saying "I know I look fabulous, thank you darling! yes, the green with the white is perfect, and the Zara skirt is lovely on me!"

  10. Oh, green and white, I LOVE that!

  11. WOW - i love the green-pink combo!

    yeah, the tongue piercing was a little painful, but not sooo bad. but you cannot see or hear it when i talk to you, so many people don't even know that i have my tongue pierced ;)

  12. Ooohhh wow I am really enjoying that gorgeous green top, it is complimented so well with that high wasted white skirt, a great mix :)

    I had a bit of a clothes experimenting day today to ;)

  13. ilove the combo :) its so fresh :)

  14. great high waisted skirt u got there.
    what vogue did u recive? im still waiting my vogue uk. i think its getting late!!!

    i agree... F/W clothes is far more demanding and exciting!

  15. love the green blouse. is it the first time i saw you in green? o_O but anyway, all in all, love your outfit. =]

  16. you are very welcome : )

    cool shoes!

    yeah the effort
    so tempting.

  17. Aww...lovely pink and green combo. That high wasted skirt is so cool as well!

    Btw, did you use a heat protector for your hair before you used the ceramic straightener/flat iron? You gotta protect your hair! But it is true, heat styling will damage hair no matter what. We just have to be careful with it.

    x Grayburn

  18. O my God, love your hairdo ) fantastic )))

  19. I wish it would be fall/winter, too!

    You look really good! Love the green with the white!

  20. the green and white look great together! love the skirt

  21. love the funky green mixed with the pretty pink! tha'ts adorable.

    and yes you know I need colours even in the winter ;)

  22. It was so hard don´t read it at work! congratulations for doing it!

    a kiss

    love that skirt so much!

  23. Very preppy - love pink and green together!!


  24. I love the shape of that skirt. It suits you perfectly. Simply cute!

  25. pink, white and green...divine!!!

  26. give me your skirt now!!
    I'm also desiring winter to come. About magazines, we suffers from the same problem..I've been wanting to read mine but I can't because I have to do homework first

  27. What a beautiful combination of color and shape. I love the looks. The poses and background are perfect too.


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