Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Today's Outfit - 09/09

A lovely summer day, just a bit windy.

I think my hair needs a retouch in the style. But this is going to be a working hard week… so no time to go to hairdresser.
By the way have you seen Victoria Beckham's new hair style? Pixie

Next weekend will be longer, with Monday being a holiday. I hope I’ll have some time to check my clothes boxes to see what I need to take out for Fall…

I also must get some time to do my preparations to my trip… No I didn’t give up, I’m going to check Venus ;)

blue shoes - Stradivarius
beige cropped pants - H&M
blue belt - mainland store
purple blouse - Shop 1One
mustard necklace - Parfois
white bag - Bata
red lipstick - L'Oreal
perfume - Noa from Cacharel
sunglasses - mainland store

And go check Auction News here


  1. u'r very good with high-waisted clothing pieces !! it makes u look taller !!

  2. What a sweet little ruffle on the blouse. And, no, I haven't seen Victoria Beckham's hair. Both Katie Cruise and Ms. Beckham started with the bob and moved to the pixie. I bet next week they both have really long hair through the magic of hair extensions.

    Ooh, you leave for Venus?? Can't wait to see the pictures.

  3. The purple looks great against the khaki!

  4. I agree with everyone else, I love that purple top!

  5. love the new posh do - are you contemplating something similar??!!

  6. love your handbag 8L)

    and that yellow necklace (L)

  7. I also like the combination of purple and khaki....and don't forget, I'm coming to Venus with you. We'll have to take alot of clothes, it could take us about 10 thousand years to get there:)

  8. your outfit is very stylish. i like a bit of ruffle, not over the top but just so.

  9. What? are you thinking about going pixie???? I think I'd like you with a cute pixie.xxx

  10. Que engraçado teres uma saia igual à que apresentei! É mesmo gira!

    E este look também!


  11. Eep! Gosh hun, you're adorable. I very much like your entire outfit lol. It was a good idea to wear a lighter cropped pant with your top!

    Eeee.... CUTE!

  12. Uber chic! love it honey! liking the purple pieced with the blue accents! you look darling dear. all the best for your trip!

  13. why do you have shoes in every single colour of the world? i'm so jealous!

    and you look so happy!

  14. Wow... I never tought that purple and blue look so great together!

  15. You wear color so well, Seeker!
    And yes Vicky Becks' collection and her hairstyle are total shockers, in a good way - I was so impressed with both!!

    Glad you like my new layout :)
    It's still a work in progress . . .


  16. Hey!!....i didn't see all your post...but here I am! a loved all your outfits!!specially the one of 09/04!!

    How have you been??...is your hand better?...

    Now I remember! you asked me for an e-mail time ago right?


    there you have!!...now...about the movie I must conffess that will be part of my collection ( I saw it 3 times and i cried in all of them!!) jajaja...


  17. i really, really, really and i mean really like your cropped pants. *grins*

  18. I so love the color of your blouse. You look good!

  19. Going for the pixie? Btw, I wanted to ask you how the moving went?

    x Grayburn

  20. oh thank you *hug*
    "zuckersüß" means sweet like sugar :)

  21. That purple top is soo pretty.

  22. oh wow, this pictures are great! i love this color and i love your pictures!
    you have such a nice smile and when i look at it i feel happy ;)
    (i´m a bit nervous because my new school starts tomorrow and i even don´t know who will be in mei class)


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