Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Today's Outfit - 09/17

There’s almost nothing as a “trip” to the hairdresser to make me feel more lifted up.

So I’m showing you my redo hairstyle that I did today. Also saying that I’m still alive and kicking…

red shoes - Zara
printed skirt - Zara
purple blouse - Shop 1One
necklace - mainland store
bracelet - gift from Hubby (Tie Rack)
red lipstick - L'Oreal
perfume - Paris from YSL
sunglasses - mainland store

Now let’s talk about another issue. When I’ve had my car accident I was wearing a faux leather pants. It was necessary to cut them all over to undress me. I always felt sorry for that.

Today I found this faux leather skinny pant, almost leggings. I know this is against the rules (after a certain age a woman shouldn’t wear leather)… but I like to be a maverick.

So my question to my dear readers is: What do you think, should I keep them????


  1. for sure, i would love to have skinny leather pants like this!
    match it with a cool blazer!

    a kiss!!!

  2. I love that purple blouse,
    I think I saw a teal one in Mango just like it and in regards to the leather trousers ....
    I do like them, I think your right there is a limit but they would look really nice on you with dress top and some acessories. You can pull it off.
    Just my thoughts,

  3. Keep the pants! They look great on you.

  4. If you have the right attitude, you can rock any outfit. Leather pants need some attitude and I think you've got it.

  5. great look...i am all about purple colors for fall. they're so wonderfully regal!

  6. Your hair looks great. And you are rocking those pants. With a soft, long cardigan they will be perfect all winter.

  7. I see what you mean about the pants... The question is: do you think you'll wear them or would they stay buried in your wardrobe forever and ever?

    Lovely cut, btw, you look so pretty :) Or is it that you're better and we're seeing in on your face?

  8. OMG! they pants are killers! :) keep em! :)

  9. i like the pants sexy mama. :) kira is correct. match it with a blazer! :)

  10. You MUST keep them! Hot!

    Your hair is superb. And I love the purple top.


  11. Your hair looks great. You should most definatly keep the pants

  12. you look hot!!! That's why you're called, Sexy Godmother! meeow!

  13. Nice blouse and jewelry. Those are some intense pants. haha

  14. Keep the pants! They give this great rock n roll vibe and are going to be the envy of many.

  15. You look fab. What a hair cut and the top. Purple works for you. love the gold chains.

  16. Hi!
    sorry for been missing!

    Those leather pants look amazing on you !
    You look like a rockstar there :) hihi

  17. Oh thankyou :) I always have a large smile on my face whenever i read that i've made someone else smile. Like a little bit of your heart warms up :)

    Thanks for your help. I've figured out the blog-rolling stuff and added ya onto it :) Hope you don't mind, if you do please sick the virtual cyber-fiend to gobble me up :P

    Your haircut is so darn cute, sometimes i sit and fume over people who can pull it off but my face shape makes the look hideous sadly. Of course i'm not fuming at you though because you're just so lovely. Nayway i've digressed a bit.

    Definately keep those pants, you don't find an amazingly fitted pair in every store! They suit you and your look very much :)

  18. lol, i suppose i'm jumping on the double-post bandwagon too! *sigh* Anywho in answer to your other message i suppose the old adage sums it up: you want what you can't have :P I don't mind my hair but i wish i could od more with it :)

  19. Your blouse is fantastic ) super cool and fall colour )))

    Hugs from Angel.

    P.S. Hope you are fine sweetie. You look great ;-)

  20. Most definitely! You're looking hot in that and I'm happy to see you smiling in one of the pics :)

    And what is that lippie you're wearing? You would look great in all the fall colors! I'm doing ok. Somehow it's been a tad difficult lately to be motivated. But I'm doing yoga and am just so thankful for it. It balances me and takes care of my back pain. How are you feeling?

    take care luv, Grayburn

  21. Rules? Forget them! These pants look amazing on you! I love how you styled the entire look.

  22. i love your haircut!

    and please keep the pants! they look amazing!

  23. HELL YES!!!! You kinda look like Joan Jet!!!!

  24. Tás louca!!!
    Que idade que quê...
    Guarda, usa e abusa...são fantásticas, são tendência e ficam te a matar. Um blazer, uma T-shirt ou top...guarda os saltos altos e o cinto e vais arrasar...ficas com um rock and roll fabuloso ;)

  25. my mom is ok :) she is about to finish her 6 months medication. I am glad. I may have lost all my savings but at least she is safe hehe. :) i am planning to go abroad by next year if i got the chance. opportunity is scarce but still striving to win! :)

    If you don't mind mama, may i know your nationality?

  26. I like the skinny leather fake leather pants! They look lovely, keep them!

    I also love your hair!

  27. let me see what i can do ;)

    but i think your combination with the pants is perfect! black pants, black shoes, a nice coloured blouse. you've got so many fantastic coloured shirts and shoes! i would wear the pants with a white shirt and deep red shoes and accessories. how about that?

    the lace dress is a very difficult thing. i don't even know how to wear mine. i always think that i look kind of overdressed (what i do nearly every day, but the dress makes me feel even more overdressed).

  28. I love ur blog!! Check out mine?


  29. Rules do not apply to gorgeous you. You look great. The hair is 80's in a very modern way. Love it.

  30. Oh you look stunning! And so brave to go to the hairdresser to be cheered up. You must have perfect hair, and a kind hairdresser.
    (I am terrified of them!)

  31. the only reason to ditch those pants is to replace them with real leather. They look great. Love the chains on your purple shirt too.

  32. you rock girl. you do whatever you think is savvy and stylish.

  33. You look great in the pants. Keep them. Love the hair too.

  34. I think u look amazzzzzzing!
    what's the look w/o inner beauty right?!


  35. Very cool hairdo.

    So sad what happened to thos pants..but so glad you are up and going in the pair you're styl'n

  36. there's no such thing, you look great in them its a keeper, trust me there are a lot of 15 year olds who should not be wearing them, you look like 1million dollars.

  37. Oiiii amiga, olha, particularmente eu não gosto de calças de couro pra mim, mas achei bem legal em vc, ficou super moderna e está bem em alta essa mistura de estilo, o couro na calça e o babado romântico da blusa te deu um estilo bem bacana, super tendência. Continue a usar e arrase!
    Bjobjo querida;)

  38. É chocante :) eu tenho um conjunto muito parecido com o teu top violeta e saia florida... vou mandar-te o link quando colocar a foto de novo no blog... alias, acho que tenho uma amostra para teres ideia!

    As cores da foto estão modificadas, mas...

    Beijo meu ♥,

    A Elite

  39. Keep them!!!!
    São lindas e ficam-te muito bem!

  40. keep the pants, love the hair, and I think after a certain age all we should wear is leather! Damn the torpedos!

  41. Your new hairstyle is so pretty! I like it very much!
    And the purple top is very pretty it looks good with your leather pant! and you have to keep it! its,mhm i don´t now the right world, but i want to say that it lokks good on you beaucse you are the right type for a pant like that!

    and i want to say a BIG THANK YOU!
    i´m almost very happy about your comments! they´re so cute and nice that i´m smiling all time a read a comment from you!
    and yes you´re right the YSL Look is nothing for me;)

    its a kind of studding. i want to make my general qualification for univerisity entrance. i don´t no if i want to be a nurse and so i want to have the experience. yes i will take care of myself :) thank you for your tip!

    oh portugal! my best friend is from protugal. she was born in "Faro".
    oh sorry i have read the wrong world. i thougt that you wrote "mailand" the city in italy:D
    no is isn´t boring! i find it very interesting to hear some things of your life!
    im from germany, i live in a little town near munich. i like live in germany but all things getting so expensive! too expensive for a young person like me ;)

    your welchome ;) (i think its the way to say "thank you" back?)
    i´ve already told you that i love your comments!
    yes its the world "peinlich" you´re right!
    (you don´t have to be embarrassed!)

    so, have a nice weekend, chill out and i will be glad to see more pictures of your outfits and have the heart to wear this pant!:)

  42. KEEP EM!!!!!!!!!!its good for a change, once in a while..

    I love ure hair in that first pic, is that a new cut. looks gr8

    i really think, you shud keep the pants

  43. You are so cool and you can rock all the cool clothes! They are keepers, definitely!

    And I love your new hairstyle!

  44. VERY cute 1st outfit, the shoes really set it off. nice!

  45. I do hope you've kept them, dear. They look terrific on you, especially since you have such a great figure!

    I like mavericks, by the way. They're the ones who make the world move forward. :-)


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