Tuesday, 16 September 2008

the trends of the 80's are back…

It's not even Fall yet! And the Spring 2009 Fashion Weeks are already being spoken for all fashion blogosphere.
It seems that the TOPSHOP UNIQUE SPRING 2009 it’s an 80’s inspired collection.
The look of the 80's is back in style again!
When most of all supposed that it will never come back…
Being an 80’s girl (question to myself: Am I getting old?) I like those inspirations, since they don’t come with the 80’s excesses. (Now we know better).

But back to Fall 2008/Winter 2009 trends we can already see those 80’s inspirations.
The style I’m getting attention is a slim line version of the peg-top trouser line, which was a popular 1980s fashion.
The trend pants of the 80's are cut generously around the hips and narrow to the hem. They can reach to the ankle, or have a shorter leg – but the calf must be covered.
Now these peg-top trousers sometimes currently called carrot-top trousers taper to the ankle, and usually have tuck pleat fullness at the waistband.
Note that too much fullness can make a woman look frumpy. They must be with a slightly more relaxed hip and closely tailored ankle.
At runaways of Fall 2008 Collections YSL did it best, this was sharp and sophisticated designing.

Yves Saint Laurent
Fall 2008 Ready-to-Wear

I think maybe I’m already channelling this trend…

I want to thank all my dear blogging friends who left me such nice and kind comments in my last post. Namasté


  1. I like it. So different. So bad ass.

  2. it's funny cause i used to think the 80s were just so ugly.. but you can definitely take some of the aspects to make it work now..


  3. I love that crazy YSL look. Even the black lips!

  4. it's so hard to say one look is definitely 80's !! so many things happened during that decade

  5. Hi lovely, how nice to hear from you! I think it's great that you take some time for yourself, don't feel stressed out about wanting or having to post in all the blogs! We are here for you all the time! Sending my best recovering and calming thoughts to you!

    Here everything is great, the weather has changed drastically in the past few days and the temperature has dropped from the average 15C to a 6C... very refreshing! It puts me in a different mood and I adore that crispy air; me and my husband are having some morning strolls ever so often! I'm starting my new job in Copenhagen in a few week's time which I'm very excited about! Yay!

    Anyway I'm thinking about you! Take care and I'll talk to you soon!

  6. Oh thats so great! Because i went thrifting last weekend and bought a TONNE of 80's attire. Happy Happy days!! Sorta still confuzzling lol but i shall get there soon methinks. Just atm i'm terribly busy at school so havn't had time to sit down properly :( The linky thing i was talking about was when one reads a blog and a particular word is 'highlighted'. This word can be clicked and then you shoot off at the website trhe word is linked to. Sorry if THAT was confusing lol. Simply speedy right now. Grrrrrrrrr

  7. Indeed. I can now drag out all the old stuff from my closet. How about that! black lips .. what I used to wear a long long time ago. :P

  8. i absolutely loved this YSL fall look!

  9. very classic,it looks good but nothing for me ;)
    ok when you don´t unterstand a world you can ask me!
    really? i think you are a very nice person and have a lot of fun! i like you smiling :) but what does "embaressed" mean? i don´t can translate it on leo.org

    yes a kind of nurse. i have to make an practical training there because we have to do work in places like hopsital for our experience in social work.

    oh thats really bad that you can´t buy h&m stuff in you hometown! but anyway your style is great!
    wow you travelled to mailand? thats great, its a little dream from me to get some fashion stuff there.
    i don´t know if i ask you this anyway but where do you come from?

    oh you don´t have to be sorry! long comments are my favorite!

    be happy too and have a lot of things to laugh about sunshine!:D

  10. I think I won't follow those trends - I don't like the 80's silhouette!

  11. I love the hair style from this collection!

  12. I really like this look but have yet to see it in the street beign worn. I've attempted to channel it but felt a lone pioneer!

  13. wonderful report!
    I live these trousers ;)... i have an almost similar one...

    kisses melmo

  14. Espero que estejas melhor!


  15. i am definitely seeing boxier and more asexual pieces from the 80's recently.

  16. oh, and so it seems SS09 is bringin the 90's back !

    crrrazy! :)

    that YSL was amazing! :)

  17. Many of the 80s inspired looks intimidate me quite a bit :)


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