Wednesday, 22 October 2008

I’ve been cursed…

Yes my dear readers and blogging friends…

The Shoes Gods sick and tired because I was not paying much attention to flats, always telling “I’m a heels lady, I’m a heels lady…” sent me some magical spells and now I’m afflicted with sciatica (with a left leg sciatic nerve inflammation).
Now I’ve to be resting, with my left leg put in a horizontal position and I’m not going to the office at least until next Monday. I will take some anti-inflammation and muscle relaxant in the form of muscular injection.
And I can’t wear heels!!!!!
Too much pain…

I just want to thank the Technology Gods for the invention of laptop, because without mine I was even worst.


  1. NOOOOOO! You poor kitten! Confined to flats is bad enough, but constant paint to boot? I hope the muscle relaxants provide some ... entertainment. Or, at least some actual factual relaxation. Feel betta, and here's hoping there are heels in your future!

  2. I hope you get better soon!

    And yes, blessed are the laptops!

  3. Fique bem, querida!!!
    E obrigada por se lembrar de nós e interagir conosco!
    Bless You!

  4. Oh deer! Take it easy; and don't worry, there are tons of adorable flats out there!

    And whoever said women over 40 shouldn't wear leather is SO out of touch - think of Barbara Walters, Iman, Madonna; there's no age limit on being fabulous and fashionable!

    Feel better, Seeker!


  5. Ow, that's so sad to hear! I really hope you'll be better soon. But now you have an excuse to make your husband to lots of sweet things for you (even more than usual ;) )

  6. So sorry to hear this Seeker. Eeek. You know, certain stretches can be very helpful for this. If you want to email me offline, we can chat more about it... K

  7. that really sucks. hope it'll get better soon. but i would be thankful for the laptop, too. lol. hugssss. ^^

  8. That is terrible news. Whenever my feet start to feel all weird and tingley, I wear flats for a bit. I am also an ex ballerina, so I am used to the torture (and maybe my legs have gained significantly in knowing they have to pull the weight too).

    Still though, its hell to be beautiful, isn't it?

    feel better soon. PS--there ARE alot of way cute flats out there nowadats, too!!

  9. Oh no. Hm I think you need to adopt loafers which are tres this season so you'll be spared the high heels. Sciatica is totally curable and you need a very good osteopath... take carexx

  10. I am so sorry to read that! I hope it wont get worse, on the contrary, I hope it gets better for you!
    Rest a lot, take care of you a lot!

    Beijo meu ♥,

    A Elite

  11. Will a brownie help? :(
    You are pretty enough to carry off the flats, maybe a tinsy wedge?

  12. ^^ so sweet! And don't brownies always help?!
    seeker, i love the photo!! and am so sorry about your pain, drats, those heels! At least, as cc says, there are MANY pretty flats these days. Best to you.

  13. oh my god, i am so sorry to read that! i hope it will get better soon! stay at home for the next few days, eat some tasty chocolate (i will do the same ;) ), read your favourite blogs and just relax!

    i know that it's very hard for you, because your aren't A heels lady, you are THE heals lady ;) but i think you also look absolutely stunning in flats! so don't be sad, just be as fabolous and crazy (in a very positive way - you know what i mean) and funny as ever!

    i'm sending much love and biiig hugs to you!


    (i think my english sounds very weird - can't believe myself that i study this subject at university :D)

  14. Poor you and your sciatic nerve. Oh, I know how that hurts. I hope you feel better very soon and that you will once again be able to wear heels and be standing on top of the world---towering in your gorgeous heels.

    Hooray for the technology gods. No shoes and no computer would be too much to handle.

    And, even without heels you have the attitude of high heels even in the flattest of flats.

    Hugs to you and much love!!xoxoxo

  15. oh sugah..get well asap!!!
    i love this post! "ive been cursed.and the pic!! hahaha!!"
    get strong soonest! i cnt bear to see some hot clothes wivout heels..would kill me, i think u shldnt take a full pic...if its flats wiv d wrong dress.. get well soon!!

  16. Oh no, you poor thing! I hope you get better soon, it sounds hideously painful.

  17. Seeker, I'm so sorry to hear this. I hope you're feeling better and back on your feet very soon.


  18. So sorry to hear that you are comfortably resting at home with your leg put in an horizontal position enjoying your laptop...just between the two of us,how can I get that?
    Just joking...hope you get better soon, I know how painful that is.
    I will be calling you, kisses...

  19. Oh No, thats terrible!! Well I've given you a blog award so I hope that helps!! Details on my blog :)

  20. Rest your self and get better soon. You may just have to get some shoes like I talked about in my blog!

  21. I'm a heel boy ! -hahahahaha at least on my mind-

    i can't stand flats in fashion shows -random facts about me hahaha

    sorry to hear that about your leg!

    Get Some rest !
    and please use flats till then ! :)

    take care S* !

  22. Oh my dear... I'm so sorry to hear this. Hope you feel better soon... Hope the pain is bearable... ejoy your rest... Acupuncture might help??? Sending luv your way dear!

  23. On No. I'm really sorry to hear the news. I hope you're not in too much pain. Tell you what I had some serious cramp on my big toes yesterday having worn high heels for three days in a row. It was scary so I went out wearing a pair of canvas last night.

    I'd better go easy on those heels. Get well soon, Seeker. Health first and shoes second. (or last even)

  24. O-M-G!!!!!! I'll speak to the GODS and see what I can doxxxxx

  25. Aw! DO get well soon!
    Anyway; I love how you've used the scarf and you've set such a high bar for a First Link!((:

    Anyway; I didnt know that you were Portuguese! But the song is lovely(:

  26. Poor Seeker, that hurts a lot! I hope you get well soon!!

  27. Oh dear, I'm sorry to hear this dear. I imagine that it is something really uncomfortable and seriously, you need to rest anyways. I'm glad you're taking some time off.

    I'm relieved that you're getting my feeds. But I'm still having serious trouble with my feedburner. It's getting frustrating you know. But anyway, I need to stop complaining!

    Take care and put your feet up a little to rest.


  28. aww poor poor darling! i am so sorry to hear this. I hope its getting better and that your getting lots of rest. Please take it easy hon and let us know how you are doing.

  29. I'm so sorry! I once aggravated my sciatica and it's really really painful. Take it easy and feel better soon!

  30. Oh No!!!!! Take care and get well soon!

  31. Oh no, I've been having back and leg pain ... I hope the Shoe Gods aren't going to do me in.

  32. I'm sending you a big big BIG cyber-hug and get well wish!!!

  33. Oiiii amiga, espero que esteja melhor.
    Bjobjo e muita luz e energia boa pra vc;)

  34. Oh nooooo (((( I am hugging you and keeping my fingers crossed ))) Get well soon!

  35. Oh my dear seeker! Get well soon.. your heels will miss u


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