Wednesday, 8 October 2008

modelling for Louis Vuitton...

According to "Former 007 Agent, Sean Connery, covers up for his latest modelling role at Louis Vuitton".
Isn't Sir Sean, who has just turned 78, still gorgeous?


  1. I know women who state that he is one of the most good looking men in the world.



  2. He'll always be gorgeous.

  3. Hot, interesting & gorgeous !!

    J'adore him !! he's like wine...

  4. Yes, but I still prefer Daniel Craig in a speedo.

  5. Yeah, the LV advertising is great. Do you know the other one, Francis Ford Coppola with daughter Sophie? I'm sure you'll like it!

  6. He can be my grandpapa... but may I say, "hello gorgeousss..." I always fancy his sexy voice...heee(I'm blushing now*)

  7. He's irresistible!

    oh no, the attach of the anon is back! why don't people have better things to do? hang in there ok.

    my feeds are really screwed up somehow as i've been playing around with them and not understanding how it works. i'm a dutz when it comes to these things! can you tell me though if it works? thanks :)

    oh and i didn't tell you that i wrote to google and they removed my article from the guy who stole it! there is justice!


    x Grayburn

  8. Wow!! Sean Connery is here!! I think he is such a handsome man!!... Now....about your logo, yes!! It would be a great honor!! just tell me what would you like to show and then i'll think in something for you....

    Now...things here....are not as good as i would like, but the only thing i can do is keep on moving... I just miss my boy so much!!...I don't know what to do, how can i help him!! He's in a better mood, that makes me feel a little better!

  9. He's such a lovely and delicious man, but I'm having a difficult time with the adage... men grow old gracefully while women just grow. lol
    How is that fair?


  10. agree. my mom likes him. as an actor. lol.

  11. OHHHHH I-LOVE-HIM!! even he is really old for me :-DDD

  12. so gorgeous! he gets better with time!!!!


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