Sunday, 12 October 2008

Prada - Fallen Shadows

Fallen Shadows continues Prada's engagement with experimental work in film, animation, architecture, art and sound design.

The animation, undertaken together with director James Lima, experiments with cutting-edge technology. Computer Motion Capture and Cyber-Scanning - in which an entire body is scanned and recorded, rendering a completely animated character - have been employed here for the first time.

The film draws inspiration from Buñuel, Dali, Duchamp, and Escher evoking Film Noir, Surrealism and Futurism in a striking, cinematic form. And while employing the latest high-end computer software and technology, it remains romantic, tragic, and elemental.

The film depicts the story of a woman and her shadow. “The Shadow is more alive and expressive than the woman,” Lima notes, “She is the sub-conscience, the dream, the soul, and it is the journey of self-discovery with the sensations of the city that confronts her…and us.”


  1. The Cyber-Scanning sounds pretty exciting! I love all of the lace (well it is Prada I suppose!) on the character, especially the veil she wears at one point.

  2. A shadow inside a shadow, within a capsule the capsule without the fog; the compass moves her, throughout her own mind. Yet she finds herself still in that resting chair hoping to find that attentive color. Inside she sits and ponders on the emotion of a feeling she wishes could come to her; yet will never come to understand.

    For a shadow is common ground, but light is always the unpolite exression.

    Good selection it held my mood for seven minutes; take care darling.

  3. no! I finally come back and you're gone! Tragic. Today I was visiting my grandparents at their home and I thought of your mother and hope you and her are both doing lovely!


  4. I hope your feeling better...I'll BBQ you some veg and tofu, hopefully that will make you feel better.

    I love this video and I love it even because of the sound track!

  5. i like what the director has noted.

    anyway, hope you're ok by now. hugssss from here. =]

  6. It's a beautiful video.


  7. Very Salvador Dali-like. I quite like it.

  8. It's interesting to see new media's role in fashion marketing.

    Wonder what their direction was.. target audience really purchase prada? Did they see real value in creating a piece like this? Or just supporting artistic vision (with no monetary return)??

    it's a beautiful piece nonetheless.

  9. thanks for this beautiful ethereal post...the concept is soo beautiful and thanks again...its deep macabre nature is startling...i was hooked for the 6mins12 secs of it..
    ur beautiful jare!!!
    i heart the seeker...

  10. lol Seeker you don't always have to be so kind! I would totally agree if you said my answers were boring/weird/and seemingly unfinished lol because I'd totally agree!!! hahaha

    Aaaah i can't see the video but my internet connection is very slow. I'll check it at uni tomorrow!

  11. The embracing of the shadow is a Jungian concept that I adore. According to Jung the real work of the psyche is owning and embracing our shadow. Our shadow side is often rejected and projected onto others. The shadow holds all that we are told we should not be--all the disowned bits of self that are pressed down and then split off. I love the end of the film when she embraces her shadow. Really lovely!!

    And, the video did bring up from my unconscious my craving for a lace Prada skirt !
    Thanks, Seeker, for sharing this lovely video.xoxo

  12. ...oohlala!
    Luv the visual & especially the song...very creative indeed.

    I'm glad you've enjoyed my 'guessing-game' too, I was laughing so hard at some of the answers...hwahaha! Perhaps I should have a weekly thingie? Just imagine if you guys win the prizes each game...then I have to refinance my home hee! Or getting
    2nd jobs to support the contest prizes!!(I'm not Oprah) lol!

    You have a lovely & blessed week luv!

  13. Loved the music and the lace - sort of yet to buy into the narrative!

  14. Muito interessante e a abordagem!


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