Monday, 20 October 2008

Today's Outfit - 10/20

“She takes just like a woman, yes, she does
She makes love just like a woman, yes, she does
And she aches just like a woman
But she breaks like a little girl.”

~ Bob Dylan

To be a woman is to be like a rosebud that slowly, over time, unfolds into what it is becoming. Being a woman is becoming! We start a journey as girls and turn into young women, then change again in our thirties or so, but we don’t stop there. As the age of 50 approaches another more powerful metamorphosis takes place. And each one of these changes brings us closer to the woman we truly are, and stretches us into areas we never imagined we would struggle with. It also gives us victories and an interior satisfaction we never dreamt possible.

A woman is a human being that has depths unknown, even to herself. Her heart is a multi layered ocean of secrets; she holds within her feelings about love, faith, children, friends, and never even indicates the depth of those feelings to those around her because of her busy life. I view woman as Universe’s most complex and beautiful creation, meant to not compete with man, but complement him in ways that fulfill both and bring a sense of balance to a world not ready for her depth and feminine power.

black oxford shoes - from mainland through a local store
black skinny pants - Vero Moda
red belt -Tally Weijl
blouse - Zara
short gray cardi - Promod
bracelet - gift from Hubby (Tie Rack)
red lipstick - L'Oreal
perfume - Noa from Cacharel

Detail of the blouse with laces and black yarn applied.

Also my pink ribbon... just to remember...

I want to thank for all the nice and kind comments in my post about my creations for the Aphex Chain™


  1. Wow the blouse is very striking and looks brilliant with the grey cardigan.

  2. Can I please steal that blouse?!!! It's gorgeous, and let me just add... you are one amazing woman! Such an inspiration.

    "The world is not ready for her depth and feminine power."... I couldn't have said it better myself!

    Hope your weekend was wonderful!


  3. oooh very lovely!! that blouse is amazing.

  4. Beautiful thoughts, beautiful outfit. Beautiful woman!

  5. OK, I needed this pro-woman post, Seeker. Thank you!!

  6. You couldn't have said it any better!
    Powerful words,

  7. Great post. I love your shirt.

  8. What a great post!!

    I just love being a woman.

  9. Your beautiful post makes me think of one of my favorite Anais Nin quotes:"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."
    Through the decades the layers peel away revealing our most authentic and essential self--becoming takes time.

    Lovely outfit too!

  10. I like this post. The blouse reminds me of the sentiment, somehow.

  11. I love your combination of colours: it"s so fancy. I need a belt, the one from the photo is falling all the time now and I can't find the same for my new size :(

    Beijo meu ♥,

    A Elite

    PS: not getting thinner anymore... but I need to get used to this new body.

  12. Ooh, I love that blouse!! The detailing is divine!!

  13. -->running out of time, cannot properly reply, sorry for oncoming rushed comment, this msg is copy and pasted many MANY times, library shutting, reason for rush in vlog, please forgive mee, pretty pretty please<--

    You look as wonderful as ever and the detailing is so great. I always had a fond spot for lace and black yarn/leather/stuff haha.

    OMG you did the link! ARGGGGGH super excited but i must go :( SILLY SILLY LAPTOP!!! :(

    PLease don't hate me for the rush-ed-ness of this post :(

  14. My sentiments entirely the seeker. And I also love the quote from LBR above. It is one that I hold onto alot.

    x Grayburn

  15. Hi luv, I've been busy theses past few days... Anyway, You look so lovely with this top... noticed the pink ribbon even before the red belt... ;)

    ~blessings as always dear...

  16. For me it's all in the detail...beautifulxxx

  17. I'm here because i want to thank your prayers....i must say i feel so much better, and things seem to be better, not as good as Omar and me would like, but we're making our best, so...thanx!!...

    I always pray for my friends, of course you're included!!

    Love you beautiful lady!!

  18. Brilliant post :) I am proud & LOVE being a woman too! :D The details on your top is beautiful :)

  19. Love how you've expressed your thoughts! And the blouse is awesome.

  20. the belt looks perfect to your shirt!
    a very good combination

    xoxo melmo

  21. love so much the cardi :)

    a kiss!!!

  22. The detail on that blouse is very nice! I really like the red belt.

    Get your rest, we want you without stress or worries!

  23. I find our constant obsession with youth tedious. No one is truly interesting before 30. (Sorry all you young'ens).

  24. wisdom words, thanks for shearing with us... ant the bluse ìt`s so pretty.. besos

  25. what a gorgeous shirt!

    RED RED RED ! hahaha :)

    well just so you know. I got my red ribbon in my College backpack ! where everyone can see it :)

  26. I'm also in bloglovin', just so you know
    the link is in my blog, you don't have to aprove this is just a tip hahah :)

  27. Como sempre, o bom gosto impera por aqui!

    Entretanto, estive a espreitar o post anterior e adorei a ideia da fita!

    Beijinhos amiga.

  28. the blouse is stunning! wish it was mine!

    one night i will come to you and steal it from you :P this is exactly what you wanted to do with my shoes :D remember?

  29. Love the blouse...such a great detail.

  30. A mulher tem muito poder, e precisa saber percebê-lo e usá-lo!
    Adorei o detail of the blouse!
    Bless You!

  31. whoa. love your post bout being a woman. and love your outfit, too. especially the black skinny pants. ^^

  32. what a blouse, beautiful! and what a wonderful post, very, very well said!

  33. That shirt is lovely, Seeker. Live the pink ribbon. :)

    50? You don't look anywhere near?!

    Nice words and I will savour them today, for sure.

  34. The details on that blouse are just fabulous!

  35. The details on the blouse are just fabulous!


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